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Comments made by Paulc823

California's Costly Prisons

To the gentleman who commented on his fiance who was having a tough time in prison....I hope she will think twice before doing something that will send her back, it's not supposed to be a country club. Having said that I d not condone abuse of any human being in any situation. while she sounded like she was "uncomfortable" it did not appear she was abused.

As to today's topic and plans to resolve the medical expenses caused by sick inmates; the resolution proposed is yet another shell game. Whether the State picks up the tab or the Feds pick up the tab, it does not resolve the root cause and correct me if I'm wrong but that does NOT help alleviate tax payer pain in any way. Whether from State dollars or Fed dollars it all comes out of our paychecks.

We have plenty of wide open spaces across this great country. The inmates need medical care so they are treated humanly and I get that. Let's off set the cost by moving the prison to remote areas (easier to keep an eye on), then make them self sufficient: they can raise their own cattle, crops, make their own clothes, heck they could even build their own prisons. I'm all for giving them what they need to be as self sustaining as possible, but to continue to spend my tax dollars supporting prisons and not schools and the crappy streets here in San diego, just does not work for me.

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