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Comments made by PaulyD

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

See, here's the problem with comments like the one below this. People who are anti-pot are usually traditional, are afraid of change, and don't do the proper research. And then, you ask them this: "Why is alcohol legal?" BAM. They shut up. Alcohol is more dangerous, anybody can get it, and has one of the largest fatality rates. "well", they stutter, "alcohol is established in our culture. How would we celebrate without it?" Was alcohol not prohibited at some point? Is there not an industry making billions of dollars of profit from it? I You can even use prescription medication in this argument. Do you know how many people fake illnesses to get prescription meds? I can go to a doctor, say I have anxiety, and immediately have a prescription for Xanax. Are pills good for the human body? Come on, people. All that is happening at this point is a comedic drug war that is costing billions and will never end. Welcome to 2012. Things are different, times are changing, and people are becoming smarter. You don't believe me? Research the recent news about cannibinoids (CBD), a property of marijuana, and read about how it can halt cancer cell growth.

October 1, 2012 at 9:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )