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Comments made by Pearson

Planned Development In Little Italy Stirring Up Controversy

People build next to a dairy then complain about the noise and flies- the dairy goes away. People build next to a factory then complain about the noise and the factory goes away. Solar has been here for 80 years. Solar already has plants in Texas, don't force them to move the rest.
San Diego can afford to lose a few more high priced rental units; San Diego can't afford to lose so many well paying jobs.
The EPA is well aware of Solar Turbines operations and Solar is well within standards or they would be shut down. Who would want to live next to a manufacturing plant running 24 hours a day, anyway? There are plenty of other, better situated areas for such development without having to sit on top a manufacturing plant with three shifts of employees coming and going all day long. Show some sense.

January 9, 2012 at 8:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )