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SeaWorld Orcas Learn A New Dialect

Another pathetic attempt by the Animal Prison Camp known as SeaWorld to try and portray themselves as a "research" organization.

They are not.

Research and conservation amounts to a tiny sliver of their resources and profit, and they do it as an afterthought so they can tout their "research" during times of controversy when they are being scrutinized for the main bulk of their business - circus acts involving the forced imprisonment and on-demand circus performances of marine animals.

SeaWorld does NOT put animals first;

They are a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, who puts PROFITS ahead of anything else.

They are a circus, not a research organization.

They have also bought our local government.

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Should City Regulate Medical Marijuana Edibles, Concentrates?

Local governments like our city council have proven incompetent when it comes to mm regulation.

We need to follow what has been done in CO and Washington, legalize it statewide and take the local Cow Town government out of it completely.

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Plan In The Works To Save San Diego Opera

I still think the Opera can successfully move into a hybrid model, where less costly alternative "modern opera" is introduced and big-scale classic opera is cut-back to maybe one every year or one every-other year.

It would offer the best of both worlds.

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Where Did San Diego Find The Extra Money For Its Next Budget?

Hiring more police officers for what?

Year after year I hear about how San Diego has one of the leanest police forces of any major city, yet we also have low crime rates that keep falling.

I realize that confounding factors could very well explain this, but shouldn't more thought be put into it before just beefing-up the police department without specifics?

What, exactly, will these new officers be doing? What will be their purpose?

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Plan In The Works To Save San Diego Opera

Carol Lazier is a hero.

Even if the Opera doesn't make it, at least there is someone in this town who seriously is trying and who put her money where her mouth is.

That's more than I can say for the flailing Ian Campbell who is more interested in cashing in on his pensions than anything else while the true artists face unemployment.

Mr. Campbell has failed the Opera, our mayor Mr. Faulconer has completely failed the Opera acting likes it's no big deal, the city council has failed the Opera.

Ms. Lazier is the only one doing anything.

She is wonderful.

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San Francisco Pride Names Pvt. Bradley Manning Of Wikileaks Infamy As Parade Grand Marshal

The funny thing about America is, if Ms. Manning had been who she is and done what she did in ANOTHER country, the U.S. government would be totally on her side. They would be critical towards those imprisoning her citing her as a political prisoner being harassed by a corrupt banana republic.

But since it was the UNITED STATE'S own dirty little secrets she was exposing, we see this hideous double-standard and this backlash against her by her own corrupt government.

Every American should be concerned about her case - it transcends GLBT rights (of course, her own coming out process IS of major significance), but even on a higher level we have that she represents ALL Americans who are in favor of a JUST and TRANSPARENT government.

As I and many others have already states, she is a perfect heroine to represent SF Pride and I salute the SF Pride Committee for going above what is usual insular issues and showing that Gay Pride is not only about the LGBT community, but it is about the world at large, fighting for the rights of ALL who are discriminated against, cast aside as second-class citizens, and violated by their respective governments around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

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David Alvarez Supporters Analyze Loss In San Diego Mayoral Runoff Election

Oh my word, auto-correct has a mind of its own :O

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David Alvarez Supporters Analyze Loss In San Diego Mayoral Runoff Election

Unfortunately, having two huge political parties seems to be on track for continuing in this country and indeed getting stronger, thanks in large part to the two terrible decisions by the Supreme Court: Citizen's united McCutcheon v. FEC.

People should be outraged by these decisions, the justices that swung the court this way are un-doing protections put into place after Watergate. Experts also agree that this will only strengthen the two party system because now funds can be raised collectively by the parties.

Our elections at all levels have been bought and paid for a long time, but they are becoming more so. And, it's becoming increasingly impossible for anyone to be a viable candidate who is not in one of the two major political parties.

The SCOTUS is destroying our political process.

Soon, it won't matter who we vote for because if people like Justice Thomas have their way, Old Man Adelson and the crotchety old billionaire Cock Brothers will be deciding our elections outright.

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Ken Cinema Closing As A Landmark Theatre

casualobserver, you are so right. And, the way the on-the-take politicians sell their crackpot choices is by creating an atmosphere of misinformation making people think things like Petco Park are profitable.

San Diego paid $206 million for PETCO Park and the Redevelopment Agency contributed another $95 million. The Padres put in only $153 million.

As of 2010, according to a KPBS article I found, the city still owed ~$154 million on ballpark bonds. The "plan" crooked swindlers in political power and their development cronies put into place was that hotel taxes would "swiftly" pay off these bonds, but the city has seen a drop-off in the taxes it receives from hotels over the past 5+ years.

And now the powers that be want to put us in for more $$$$ with a Charger's stadium.

My point is that an ignorant public has this notion that these big sports deals are somehow so profitable because they go downtown for a day or two and see a big crowd.

I realize there are some people who prefer sports and some who prefer the visual and performance arts if it comes down to that choice for assistance from the city.

But the arts always get the short end of the stick in this Cow Town.

Politicians create false smokescreens that sports stadiums are profitable, but when a major arts venue is in trouble they shrug it off and say so what like Falconer and the council are doing with the Opera.

And if money is really tight, then maybe saving a beloved icon like the Ken is the way to go. The city can't afford to save huge organizations like the Opera OR the Chargers, so let them both go and put in smaller investments to save local, smaller cultural venues like this one.

I don't even go to this particular theater, but I would be happy if the city used tax money to save it. I do go to the Hillcrest Landmark Cinema on occasion, and the experience is so much richer than the big mainstream box theaters. I hate that people in another community of San Diego are losing such a treasure, because I know I would be upset if the Hillcrest Landmark was to close.

I just see the arts in general widdling away in San Diego, and the rank and file at city hall seems to NOT GIVE A RAT'S HAIRY BACKSIDE about it and it angers me.

If the Chargers just THREATEN to move to LA, the political charlatans start scrambling, having backroom deals, and writing checks with tax payer funds, and we are all supposed to be up in arms about a barely mediocre football team threatening to leave.

But let a major organization like the Opera or even a small iconic venue like this one announce more concrete plans to leave, and you see the mayor and city council say and do pretty much nothing.

It's not looking good for SD's creative class, we clearly have a city government that is hostile to the arts and that wants to pander to sports teams and circus parks like SeaWorld.

When you make these types of priorities, you get that kind of a city - A Cow Town.

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San Francisco Pride Names Pvt. Bradley Manning Of Wikileaks Infamy As Parade Grand Marshal

Well said, Lorianderson. I agree completely.

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