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Comments made by Peking_Duck_SD

City Finds More Money For San Diego Opera

Great news - glad to see our local officials are recognizing the amazing efforts put forth to turn San Diego Opera around!

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

who works there ... not their

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Jean: health insurance is part of an employees compensation package - just like their paycheck and their bonuses.

By your logic, Hobby Lobby is "paying" for things someone who works their buys with their own salary because that's where the money indirectly comes from.

People should be allowed to get the compensation they work for and be able to spend it on what they not, not having to be subject to approval by their employers.

This is huge over-reach.

And to all the people harping about Obama not following immigration laws:

It was GW Bush who signed a law into effect that treats Central American refugees different than people crossing the border from Mexico or Canada.

They can't simply be turned back the way a Mexican or Canadian could be - they have to be processed.

So Obama and those in DHS ARE following the law, the law that Bush passed and many Republicans in Congress supported.

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Palestinian Teen 'Burned Alive,' According To Official

I'm so dismayed with BOTH sides. Until BOTH sides realize that fighting violence with violence just creates a cyclical perpetual conflict, then there will be no peace in this region.

I'm really tired of each side of this debate acting like they are innocent victims.

The powers that be in both Palestine AND Israel have blood on their hands, and until these entities and their supporters admit this fact the peace process cannot even begin.

It's like two pig-headed sets of parents whose children are fighting - it's always the other kids fault and neither of their precious princes could have done ANYTHING wrong.

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Peters Denounces Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling; DeMaio Responds

The people who support this don't see this as an ending, but as merely a beginning.

There is an incrementally slow but persistent effort amongst the right wing religious freedom advocates to completely outlaw abortion and to force the government to comply with their religious moralism in a theocratic manner.

And, if the current makeup of the SCOTUS remains right slanted as it is today, or help us all if it gets more right wing, they will get their wish.

Proof of this desire to keep pushing further until we have draconian religious theocracy in our country can be seen by some of the supporters commenting here.

Mr. Scanlon, for example IS one of the types of people I mentioned above who looks as this only as a beginning and who wants to see the government dictating things like masturbating and vaccinations based on biblical law.

Here are some comments from his posting history:

".....HHS is forcing Onanism upon them, and that IS THE POINT!"

"not practicing Onanism is healthy behavior. Given all of the health risks with practicing Onanism --from perferated uteri to death-- it's far more healthy than practicing Onanism. I don't mind being the voice crying out in the wilderness so long the government was trying to impose itself on me, and THAT'S THE POINT!"

"There are moral problems with different vaccines. The MMR vaccine in this country, for example, come from the cells of a murdered baby whose cells are continually kept alive in order to produce the vaccine --with the accompanying profits . Though such a vaccine can save a child's life, that only ameliorates the evil of murdering the baby.

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Peters Denounces Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling; DeMaio Responds

So what about the cray crays who think male masturbation is murder and violates their religious freedom?

Is this case going to give people like them and other cray crays who are against vaccines, blood transfusions, medical research, etc., etc., etc. the precedence to sue so they can force their OPINIONS on everyone as well?

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Of course, it always comes back to Obama.

The same Obama who has deported record numbers of people.

I'm starting to see that these mob demonstrations don't really have much to do with illegal immigration, they have more to do with the hatred of President Obama.

Were there angry mobs protesting when President Reagan (the real FOOL in the white house) gave blanket Amnesty?

And then there were the two bush administrations - illegal immigration didn't just crop up when President Obama came to office.

You haters might be more believable if you actually focused on the issue you claim to be so mad about instead of using it as a smokescreen to attack the President.

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Feds Booed In Murrieta After Migrant Standoff

The federal government needs to investigate and possibly prosecute the mayor of Murrieta and the Murrieta police force.

It's obvious from eyewitness accounts and video footage that the activist mob (who aren't locals by the way, they are the same group of wrinkled old grapes who move around that area holding up their anti-Obama signs) coordinated this effort and were complacent in stopping official DHS business from being carried out.

Let's be honest, this mob is not exactly the pretty athletic type, the police could have EASILY contained them on the SIDE of the road where they could have their say, as they ARE entitled to, without allowing them to impede the buses.

I believe that the mayor and the local police force INTENTIONALLY planned and carried-out measures to impede government business.

If I or anyone else were to impede government business, I would be arrested.

I want to see a full investigation take place, and I encourage all to write/call your representatives and demand one be started.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families


Hey PEKING_DUCK_SD, you ever take a regional jet? How would you like to get on the plane knowing that an hour earlier it was full of 130 illegals with severe head lice , scabies, and who knows what else? Well it's happening. Sit comfortably moron.


Dear Ignorant Sir,

It's during processing, the very processing that the racist tea party political activist mob IMPEDED, when people receive the medical checkups that check for and treat the conditions you listed.

You are so full of BS, I'm sure you would throw a tea party hissy fit as you tea party types love doing over "government healthcare" to treat lice, scabies, etc., whilst these people are detained and processed, but then you turn around and call them diseased and filthy.

I'd like to see what kind of condition YOU would be in if you lived in a gang-infested war zone, spent days without proper hygiene risking your life through jungle, dealing with traffickers and even sexual assaults as many have encountered, trying to make a better life for yourself just to be met by a mob of angry racist rednecks. You might not be so "fresh" yourself you bigot.

July 3, 2014 at 10:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Mission, it wasn't rich white folk in Palm Springs, it was ghetto tea party folk in Murrieta who formed this mob - Mr. Lee was there to cover the story and received the ignorant remarks from the same group of people who turned the buses back.

And no, with that group, I wouldn't even expect them to be able to decipher between Japan and China on a map.

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