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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Benz, I agree with most of what you said (I still think the legal process is a joke - it may work for people who have means and time, but it's not very realistic in other cases) - but overall I think you approach this with logic and reason and not racism.

I only wish others shared your approach with reasonable discussion and not blind hate, we would probably have had meaningful reform by now if this was the case.

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Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

an insurance plan - not and insurance plan.

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Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

Benz - the company has a right to what is in the shopping basket - and insurance plan.

The employer doesn't need to nor should they go through and put exclusions based on individual medications due to their person religious viewpoints that their employees may not share.

As far as cost, the employer does have the right to determine percents of coverage covered, but they should not have any say in moral/medical decisions about specifics medications - that is simply an over-reach.

And I also don't buy this whole "employer paying for it". Employers partially pay for insurance plans, but they are supplemented by employees. Employees still pay premiums out of their salary and the companies themselves get huge group discounts on insurance plans.

Why should an individual who pays for an insurance premium out of their personal pay and who contributes to a large group discount that the employer is getting to insure their employees be under the thumb of the employers personal religious believes? Does the share employees contribute themselves to their insurance plans mean nothing?

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Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

Benz, my point about the government is that I don't think the government should go through each and every medication and decide which is acceptable and which isn't. Nor should an Employer. This is what we have the FDA for - a SCIENCE-BASED agency that approves drugs based on safety and efficacy.

I think that any decision that falls outside of the realm of safety and efficacy (religion, person beliefs, etc.) should be up to the INDIVIDUAL only and NOT the government OR the employer OR the insurer.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

Benz, I don't know the exact number - this is something that would require statisticians and experts in many different fields to sort through, but this is what I think the problem is:

There are some people who come at this from a racist perspective and some who come at it from an economic perspective, and those two groups will never see eye to eye.

For those who look at this as a "whites are being drowned out of our own country" point of view, then NO immigration, especially from Mexico, is acceptable for them.

For those who look at this from an economic perspective, as I tend to do, I think our nation does need robust immigration at all levels - both white collar and manual labor - and I think the magnitude to which illegal immigration has impacted us economically is greatly exaggerated by the group of people I mentioned first, who have other motives.

That's why this debate is so difficult, because it's hard to separate out the racially-based motivations from the economic ones.

I think we can all agree that the legal process as it currently exists is a joke though.

It needs to be loosened up so the immigrants we do need can come in quicker and with less red tape, but we do need to establish reasonable quotas so it can be effectively controlled.

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Contraception Coverage Still Required In California Despite SCOTUS Ruling

Benz, the government is not forcing contraception on anyone, they are simply not exempting it - and why should they? These are FDA approved drugs.

The Government's responsibility as far as medications, medical devices, and biologics is to make sure they are SAFE and EFFICACIOUS and then to grant approval for them. This has nothing to do with religion, or people's personal beliefs it has to do with science.

The Employer's responsibility is to provide health insurance of which the employee, based on their doctor's orders and their own personal beliefs, can then take any drug deemed needed as long as it's FDA approved.

Why does there need to be this middle layer of the Employer injecting their person views into this?

Religious freedom is guaranteed at the person level, if an employee doesn't want to take contraceptives for religious purposes they don't have to.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

My biggest problem with this is not that people are frustrated with illegal immigration, I am frustrated with illegal immigration.

My problem is that people like this mob are taking their frustrations out on vulnerable people, many of them children, who don't know about our political situation, they are simply trying to flee a terrible place.

Why don't these people march to Washington DC and stick their signs in John Boner's face and the other Congressional obstructionists who are refusing to take on immigration reform.

The fact of the matter is, there needs to be a system in place that allows immigrants our economy needs to be able to come in, and a system that keeps people over the numbers that would be healthy for our economy out.

Currently, the legal process does not account for this.

Our economy can handle, and in fact NEEDS more immigrant labor than the legal process produces.

We need to fix this gap, and then control the border (which would be more manageable by the way, if the legal process was amended).

I am not frustrated with these people for being frustrated, nor am I frustrated with anybody who wants to demonstrate for something the believe in.

But I am frustrated because who they are demonstrating against - a bus full of poor scared children - won't solve SQAUT.

Again, protest the people who can actually change the system - these kids can't do that.

Go overrun congress and shove your signs in the faces of the blowhards up on capitol hill who are too spineless to tackle the immigration issue and THEN I'll be with y'all.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families

benz, do you realize that the reason we are NOT in the same boat as Italy and Japan is BECAUSE of immigration to our country?

Our white population is aging faster than the birth rate, and we would be looking at the same problem in this country.

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Protesters In Murrieta Turn Back Buses With Migrant Families


boots what do you not understand? These people committed a crime, they are here illegally. They are criminals. They are illegal aliens. Why should we waste money on criminals? Try to sneak into any other modern non-third-world country on earth and you will find yourself in prison or worse.

Jean, they are detained and being taken for processing, isn't that what happens to criminals or suspected criminals?

When you see a Sheriff's bus transporting people from jail to prison or jail to court for processing, do you throw yourself in front of it and try to stop it/

Do you complain that your tax dollars bought them a bologna sandwich and some water while they were in holding cells for 15 hours at the jail?

This is insane, you are acting like these immigrants were set free or something, again I ask WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

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San Diego Immigrant Rights Groups Rally In Support Of Migrant Families

JeanMarc "Don't these people have jobs to go to? Perhaps they themselves are living off the government"?

Did the people who stopped the buses yesterday not have jobs?

Why weren't THEY at work?

Maybe they were on public welfare soaking up MY tax dollars.

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