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Comments made by PeterB

City Considers Taxi Industry Overhaul Amid Reports Of Low Wages And Unsafe Cabs

I am the Research Director at the Center on Policy Initiatives, and a co-author of the report.

Regarding safety violations, our report quotes a document submitted to the MTS Taxi Advisory Committee by previous MTS Taxicab Administration Manager, John Scott, which states that during a period from July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012, “98.05% of vehicles contacted were taken out of service. Of those vehicles, 94.05% were because of safety violations.” However, the report also gives the correct context that these were vehicles stopped for violations, rather than random inspections.

The report additionally notes that according to the same MTS document, in the only random inspections (which took place at the airport) 44% of taxis stopped in during 2012 were taken out of service for safety violations. Note that the airport authority requires an additional permit (and associated fees) and places limits on the age of taxis allowed to pick up at the airport, while there is no age or mileage limit for the rest of the city. Therefore, it is likely that the prevalence of safety violations of taxis in the airport lots (which are, on average, newer) somewhat underestimates the prevalence of safety violations among all taxis on San Diego’s streets.

I think most readers will agree that 44% of taxicabs operating in San Diego with safety violations is unacceptably high.

You can read the MTS Taxi Advisory Committee document reporting inspection results, by clicking on the following link (which is also included as a footnote in the CPI/SDSU report) and skipping to agenda item number 5 (which starts on the 19th page in the whole PDF document):

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