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Comments made by PhilG

Terminally Ill S.D. Man Looks For An Answer In Stem Cells

I have known Shane all my life... My sister Claire lost her 5 + year battle with ALS on 5-4-09, . Shane upon hearing Claire's ALS immediately wanted to know what he could do for Claire and her family. Even though he hadn't seen Claire in over 20 years, and he lived in California, and Claire and her family lived in Connecticut on the East Coast. Shane sent sweatshirts to her kids and family with the friends of Claire logo on them, send the wine he knew she enjoyed, and was very generous in $s and support and love in general. Him getting ALS 2 years ago I find to be one of life's cruelest and ironic twists I have experienced. Shane continues his fight and remains hopeful, as we all do for him as well. His wife and family are truly wonderful....FIGHT on Brother Shane !!!

December 6, 2009 at 10:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )