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Comments made by Photoman65

Roundtable: Cancer in Jail; Sea Wall Lawsuits; Frogs With Fungus; Mice With Alzheimer's; Undocumented Millions


You might want to check your facts. Robin is locked into a solitary cell, as her diminished immune system would not be able to fight off any of the millions of bugs which are a standard in large population incarceration centers. She also follows every regulation which any other County inmate is held to.

She has no access to internet while she is incarcerated. If you followed the round table, she is able to access internet at her own expense while she is out of the jail per her negotiated incarceration schedule but due to her chemo schedule. I hope you have never had to undergo chemotherapy. I have. I'd rather slam my hands in a car door repeatedly for a couple hours rather than have to deal with the after effects of chemo, my friend.

Make no mistake. Regardless of the fact she is in jail for 3 days a week, there is nothing even close to a 'cake-walk' in this woman's life. Her four days are no picnic. Often she is too sick to even rise from the couch/bed to bid her kids a good day as they are off to school.

You're worried about her receiving internet at your expense? Doesn't happen, unless you are paying her bill. Not even close.

You can translate that self-piety of yours into some savings, and here is how: Start sending sending emails to the jail system, Governor Brown, and the DA. Tell them you, as a resident and taxpayer, are tired of subsidizing Robin's incarceration. Tell them you would rather she pay for everything herself and not be a drain on your tax contributions. Tell them they should have seen fit to weigh the cost of incarcerating her against the County's financial contribution and the fact the plain fact is that Robin will probably die in the single cell she occupies 3 days a week. Tell them you for damn sure don't want to be on the hook for her burial expenses. Tell them...I beg of you to...

She is serving time for, as the sentencing magistrate said, "...a victimless crime..." Her only mistake: providing a service which occurs under slightly different conditions between two people millions of times a day in this country.

Have a good day. Remember to write those emails!


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