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Comments made by Phredup

Roundtable: Battle Over Birth Control

Ms Barba: I would suggest that no professional in the appropriate health field would consider the rhythm method as synonymous with NFP. That is like suggesting the use if ether is synonymous with modern anesthesia techniques. That is why it is not good to make general statements about particular issues.

You acknowledge that the rhythm method is one form of NFP therefore it is not synonymous with it

March 13, 2012 at 3:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Roundtable: Battle Over Birth Control

Ms. Barba complains that none of the Republican Candidates have denounced Rush Limbaugh for his comments, yet I have not heard President Obama or any member of the Democratic Party denounce Bill Maher for his regular attacks on the Catholic Church. After all Maher is a major contributer to the Democratic Party and to the Super PACs. Both Maher and Limbaugh are entertainers/commentators where is the ourtrage on the Democratic side of the asile?

Also, in this discussion Ms. Barba made the statement that Rick Santorum advocates the Rhythm Method for birth control. Does she have any proof for that? Yes, I beleive he does promote Natural Family Planning, but this is not the Rhythm Method.

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