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Comments made by Polar33

SeaWorld San Diego Power Outage

Harsh? Hardly. Honest? Definitely. The article makes it look like it was just a minor issue that didn't affect anybody, when in fact it was quite a bit more then that. Having zero food available during the "lunch rush" simply because the employees aren't trained to instantly pull out calculators and go cash only is a horrible way to handle things. And now that I think of it, they shouldn't have needed to go cash only in the first cards can still be processed the old fashioned way with an imprint machine. Yes, it's inconvenient for the park, but not for any customers who carry minimal cash with them. Many people did head to guest relations for refunds and left the park. Yes, it was a tough situation, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been handled better if they had simply planned ahead for situations like this.

March 10, 2012 at 10:06 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

SeaWorld San Diego Power Outage

LOL...never trust a PR person. The outage lasted well over an hour. The 1:30 Blue Horizons show was cancelled and replaced with a portable PA system ran off a generator allowing the trainer to announce some of the behaviors the dolphins and pilot whales were doing. Most restaurants were shuttered until around 3. The food stands were refusing to sell food (even just chips and bottled sodas) despite having cash, for the first hour. Eventually someone had figured out they can still barbeque hot dogs and turkey legs, and those became the only food options (my sympathies for any vegetarians that were in the park today). The Penguin Encounter, run by it's own generator, quickly became PACKED with people once word got around that it was the only thing open...thankfully it was a slow day, or there may have been a riot.

To SeaWorld's credit, all four shows added an extra showtime to their schedule and the park remained open an extra hour. The park employees all were fantastic throughout the whole ordeal, despite many getting the brunt of anger from guests over a situation that was way over their pay grade. Regardless, I still wish I had stayed home today instead of making the trip to SeaWorld.

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