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Comments made by Pomerado

Former Filner Supporters Provide Details Of Sexual Harassment Allegations, But Not Identities Of Women

Usually I find KPBS one of the few remaining voices of reason in a rapidly disintegrating media landscape (particularly in San Diego). But the station seems to be adding to the feeding frenzy that the Filner accusations are becoming.

Take a deep breath, step away from the cliff, and let common sense guide you to ask more investigative questions, rather than jumping into the psuedo-journalism, sensationalistic fray. It's pretty hard to believe that Filner was rampantly and constantly engaging in the kind of behaviors that the crowd with the pitchforks are frothing about without it having been divulged previously or more forcefully.

Surely he has made serious mistakes and behaved unprofessionally and uncivilly, and his behavior requires correction and atonement.

But the coverage of this is becoming as shameful as the accusations many interests in San Diego are writhing to accuse him of without the possibility of his defense. One should ask why there seem to be many special interests who want to excite public outrage (and a resignation) prior to gathering facts (and names) and why the overwrought effort to depict Filner as a modern-day Caligula.

KPBS, help ratchet down the rhetoric and hysteria and don't pander to the bigger local media that is responsible for a great deal of it. Call for San Diegans to demand facts, names, and a thorough investigation of all sides prior to demanding decisions about how to go forward.

July 15, 2013 at 1:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )