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Comments made by Pondering_It_All

Planned Parenthood Calls "Morning-After Pill" Ruling Huge

And for many of those young women with unwanted pregnancies who miss the 24 hour window of Plan B, that "other option" will be an abortion!

Emergency contraception like Plan B and its generic equivalents are birth control pills, and nothing more. In fact, buying Plan B is not even necessary because it is exactly the same as just taking several of the right type of birth control pill at once. The types of birth control pills and dosage info is easily found online.

Conception doesn't occur immediately at the end of intercourse. it can take up to two days for sperm to meet egg, and even longer for an embryo to attach to the uterine wall. Taking Plan B during that interval just means that the conditions in the uterus will be the same as if the woman had been taking regular birth control pills all along.

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