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Comments made by RCPhill808

Judge Seals District Attorney Office Records In Chula Vista Investigation

Progressivebuthey: Read the "Related Content," as linked above. What this will tell you is that 7 years ago, DA Bonnie Dumanis telephoned Chula Vista Mayor Padilla and asked him if he would insert a DA "special assistant" and friend of hers into a vacated Chula Vista city council seat. When told "no," Dumanis then instigated retaliatory investigations of the council members and others, resulting in next to nothing with the sole exception of a plea-bargained misdemeanor plea of guilty obtained from Jason Moore; an assistant to Mayor Padilla. At no time, until just recently, was it ever revealed that the DA had an ulterior motive for prosecuting Mr. Moore; a fact that pursuant to U.S. Supreme Court authority should have been revealed. DA Dumanis first denied that any records of this event even exist. When shown that they do in fact exists, she now refuses to release anything of any substance relative to her lapse of ethical judgment. She even refuses to admit or deny whether she made the initial phone call to Mayor Padilla. Such information is not only relevant to Moore's motion to withdraw his plea of guilty, but is important to the upcoming June 3rd elections as well in that it shows a dishonestly and a lack of ethics that the voters of this county are entitled to know about.

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Former Chula Vista Aide Seeks To Undo Plea Deal Over Dumanis Call

The DA's Office "could not," or "would not," comment? And what "pending litigation" is she talking about? The only thing pending is the primary elections of June 3rd. Dumanis refuses to admit or deny even making this phone call to Mayor Padilla. That's obviously because Dumanis knows that if the public knew the truth--i.e., that she is a vindictive politician who abuses the power of the DA's Office to seek out retribution against those who don't do as they're told--she'll have to be looking for other employment shortly. Well, I think the public already knows the truth.

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Roundtable: Race For San Diego County District Attorney

As is so graphically illustrated in this broadcast forum, DA Bonnie Dumanis continues to refuse to confirm or deny telephoning Chula Vista Mayor Padilla in an unsuccessful attempt to have her friend and DA employee appointed to the CV city council, an occurrence that was closely followed by an obviously retaliatory DA-initiated investigation and unsuccessful prosecution of various Chula Vista officials. I also note that by her own admission, she only released what documentation she herself deems appropriate concerning this whole suspicious and sordid affair and that she continues to hold back from public scrutiny anything of any substance. What does this tell you? It tells me that there is some truth to the accusations that she attempted to meddle in Chula Vista politics, unethically abused her power as the county’s chief law enforcement officer when she didn’t get her way by initiating a meritless prosecution motivated by pure vindictiveness, and is now stonewalling all attempts to get to the truth of the matter. How can someone who so easily violates the public trust and then afterwards refuses to accept responsibility for her misdeeds be allowed to remain in any position of authority in this county?

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Dumanis Challenged To Release Records In Chula Vista Political Probe

If Bonnie Dumanis has nothing to hide, she should have been at today's news conference with the requested documents in hand, waiving them furiously for everyone to see. Her office is right there so it's not like she couldn't find the place. Instead, she says she needs a couple of weeks to review what so obviously is central to her questionable conduct which has immersed the District Attorney's Office into controversy, ethical violations, vindictive prosecutions, and other prosecutorial misconduct. How much do you want to bet that "14 days" is going to stretch on past June 3rd? Note to Bonnie: "What goes around, comes around." Time to step aside and let Bob Brewer work to undo the damage you've done to Ed Miller's once-proud legacy.

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Prosecutor Confirms Records Sought By KPBS Exist In DA's Office

From a retired prosecutor who worked with, and for, Bonnie Dumanis for most of his career: This whole affair is indicative of the vindictiveness and dishonesty displayed so often by the real Bonnie Dumanis; not the one the public would like to believe she is. Having worked for her, I can attest to the fact that this is how she treats her own employees, or a least those who cross her. She is so used to getting her way that she thinks she can do what she wants, to whomever she wants, any time she wants, and the public welfare be damned. It's time to tell her that the County of San Diego expects more from the one, as the chief law enforcement official in the county, who is supposed to represent truth, justice, and unerring ethics. Vote June 3: Bob Brewer for DA.

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Phone Call Raises Questions About DA Dumanis' Chula Vista Investigations

Wow! Here we go again. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has shown herself once more to represent the epitome of the famous maxim; “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A vote for Dumanis in June only serves to reaffirm her egotistical self-centered belief that there are no bounds to her power. Allowing Dumanis to remain in office signals no less than our approval of her insistence on dragging the once proud District Attorney’s Office through the gutters and waste heaps of abusive politics, blatantly and without remorse abusing the public trust. We need Robert Brewer to restore the professional and ethical standards of what is supposed to be a prosecutorial office and nothing more; a concept Ms. Dumanis has long since abandoned.

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