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Comments made by RLozaxx

UCSD Minority Students Walk Out Of Teach-In

Dear 'Mom'-

Just because some folks decide to believe in something (i.e. themselves) doesn't mean they'll fail at school, or anything. A strong sense of agency is far more self-serving in the most loving of ways, so much that I'm sure these youth and adults have little need for your 'sympathy.'

To those directly involved, stay involved. Those of us who are indirectly involved will continue to show solidarity in these forums, which is more than 'mom's' 'sympathy' can ever represent.

My current feeling about it all? Walk. There are hundreds of kids waiting for a slot in the university, and next to you with fist in the air.

Enrollment -
African-American 368 2%
Asian 10,248 44%
Mexican-American 2,344 10%
Filipino 1,035 4%
Latino/Other Spanish 667 3%
Native-American 92 0%
Caucasian 5,986 26%
Other/Undeclared 2,403 10%

February 24, 2010 at 6:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )