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Comments made by RPLee

Odd Rule Excludes Some Voters From San Diego City Council Race

Slight correction: The article states there would be 45 days for a run off election,but it's actually 49 days according to the proposed ordinance for the 1/7/2013 docket

From the City's website
ITEM-200: Calling a Special Elect - O-2013-59 Calling Municipal Special Election.pdf

"...WHEREAS, if no candidate receives a majority of votes cast in the special election, a special run-off election shall be held within forty-nine days of the first special election, unless a regular municipal or statewide election is scheduled within ninety days of the proposed special run-off election date, in which case the elections may be consolidated;..."

Hopefully the City no longer thinks "run off" means "regular" election this time. Otherwise, anyone who wants to join in late can; or else, we'll have a possible 3rd elections for this like the vacancy for former Mayor Murphy.

January 3, 2013 at 8:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )