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Comments made by RachelB

Should San Diego Charge Residents For Trash Pickup?

I just moved to SD from Poway and think this "free" trash pickup isn't so great. Why?

1- it is not fair. I'm in a single family home and don't pay extra for trash. Others in condos do. If they change the status quo, it needs to be made fair, across the board.

2 - we pay for trash cans. I've got two big trash cans taking up space at my SD house, 'cause the prior owner left 2. When I called the city to get one picked up, I was told I might not want to do that 'cause if one broke, I'd want to use the other one. In Poway, the trash company provided the cans. So if yours broke, they'd trade you for a new can. I didn't have to keep an extra laying around just in case.

3 - the system is set up to encourage trash production and minimize recycling. Like I said, I have 2 enormous cans. We are a family of 4 with one in diapers. In a typical week, one can is half full and the other is empty. Yard waste and recycling are only every other week and my recycling can is smaller than my trash can. So, every other week, my recycling can is filled to the brim and I'm checking out neighbor's recycle cans to find space for my recyclables. You know why they have space in their recycling cans? Because they put their recyclables in the trash can! And their yard waste, too! In Poway, trash, recycle, and yard waste collection occured weekly. Customers could choose either a large can (like the one in SD) or a small can. The small trash can subscribers paid less for trash. My bill was about $28 every two months with the small can.

The City of San Diego is so very messed up politically and organizationally. This is just one of many examples.

If something were on the ballot to make EVERYONE pay for trash pickup, even though it would mean a new bill for me, I'd vote for it. Maybe it would help fix the bizarre trash situation in the city.

December 8, 2010 at 9:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )