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Comments made by RagnarDanneskjold

San Diego School Board To Consider Trayvon Martin Case Class Discussions

This is idea is phony-baloney propaganda to be foisted on a captive audience of impressionable minds by politically-motivated Democrats.

The planted axioms for this so-called "discussion" is that Martin was innocent and that Zimmerman is guilty, that racism on Zimmerman's part [rather than on Martin's part, who called Zimmerman "a creepy ass cracker"] played a role in the confrontation, and that Florida's "stand your ground" law figured in the development of the confrontation.

There is no evidence whatever to support any of the foregoing contentions, the months and months of biased media reporting to the contrary notwithstanding.

Martin jumped Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, thrashed him in mixed martial arts style ground-and-pound assault, smashing his nose out of shape and his head on the cement, and got shot in the process.

There was no "stand your ground" issue in play because Martin immediately attacked Zimmerman and knocked him to the ground.

MSNBC edited Zimmerman's call to the cops to make it look like he was profiling Martin "because he was black" --- because MSNBC is a Democrat-captured propaganda outlet interested in promoting a race war.

Education is important, and, therefore, it should never be left in the hands of government and unions --- it just becomes a brainwashing operation.

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How Will Trayvon Martin Case Impact Race Relations In San Diego?


The attacks on “stand your ground” laws are being made by opportunists whose real objective is to leave the American citizen defenseless and let the freelance-Democrat scum rule the streets of America.

I say that the American people should be well-armed and well-ammoed and stand their ground against the OhBummer dictatorship and against Unkle Skum --- against American government at every level. We have no obligation whatever to surrender to fascist statism --- or to any other brand of statism, as a matter of fact. That government is best which governs least. It is said that American government rests upon the consent of the governed. Now is the time for all good men and women to withdraw and cancel that consent.

Trayvon Martin has been portrayed in the media as a sweetie-pie. The first published pictures of him that I saw were of Martin at the age of 12, or so, looking relatively mild and not especially bright.

The pictures which Martin published of himself at age 17, online, and before he attacked Zimmerman --- and pictures which others had of him at that age --- showed him at 160 lbs and six feet in height --- a football player who had had some "mixed martial arts" training, in his own website flipping-off the viewer, smoking marijuana, and holding a semiautomatic handgun --- I guess OhBummer would have to call that “an assault weapon,” ay? He'd twice been suspended from school, had been found in possession of stolen property, started fights with other people, was a dopehead, and gave the impression that he was also a dope dealer.

Trayvon Martin was a cheap thug, and it makes perfect sense for Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer to say that if he'd had a son, that his son would look like and be like Trayvon Martin, although, arguably, that son would look more like Trayvon Martin's ally, Rachel Jeantel, who has good reason to wear a hoodie, and probably also a very large trashbag, all things considered.

So let Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer and Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder don their hoodies --- their version of the racist KKK pointy-headed white sheets --- and let them pursue their black racist witch hunt and their campaign of character assassination against George Zimmerman.

I say that the majority of the American people see OhBummer and Holder --- and the Democrat-captured media --- and the whole OhBummer Wrecking Crew --- for what they truly are --- a dictatorship which deserves to be smashed.

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How Will Trayvon Martin Case Impact Race Relations In San Diego?


There are more evil games afoot, here.

In his call to the police before the incident, Zimmerman was advised by the cops to stay in his vehicle. Critics say that Zimmerman had “a duty” to "follow orders" but the caution issued by the cops was not a lawful command, else he would have been cited by the cops, and he wasn't.

Even corrupt Florida State Attorney Angela Corey --- who hid evidence from the defense and fired the whistleblower who outed her --- did not argue that Zimmerman had a legal obligation to remain in his vehicle --- and he exited his vehicle when Martin disappeared from sight.

Zimmerman called the police before Martin jumped him --- and MSNBC deleted parts of the recorded discussion and broadcast it to make it look like Zimmerman was targeting Martin because Martin was black --- rather than tailing Martin because he was wandering around in the dark in a neighborhood which had recently suffered some break-ins and thwarted other break-ins.

This was MSNBC's attempt to lynch a straw horse, a so-called "white" Hispanic. MSNBC needed a black-white confrontation to promote their own racist, anti-white narrative that America is a "racist" society --- a society wherein whites should be disarmed --- and pay reparations to non-whites for the "privilege" [crime] of being white.

There is no evidence whatever that race played a part in Zimmerman's execution of his duties as the on-duty Neighborhood Watch Volunteer.

It is said with great derision that Zimmerman is or was "a wannabe cop." These critics appear to live in safe neighborhoods, no? There's nothing wrong with the aspiration to be a cop unless one intends to indict all cops for wanting to be cops --- and letting a puddy like Chris Matthews be the nighttime Neighborhood Watch volunteer strikes me as ineffective, to say the least --- although a pretty good way to get rid of Chris Matthews, come to think of it.

Immediately upon the breaking of this story in the media, there was the assumption that the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman had something to do with Florida's "stand your ground" law. But because Martin jumped Zimmerman and knocked him to the ground and proceeded to beat him in "mixed martial arts" pound-and-ground style, Zimmerman clearly was not "standing his ground" --- in the moment of confrontation, he was on his back with Martin on top of him smashing his nose out of shape and smashing Zimmerman's head on the cement.

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How Will Trayvon Martin Case Impact Race Relations In San Diego?


IT IS A SICK SOCIETY which pretends that Trayvon Martin hasn't already received the justice that he deserved, a sick society which calls for George Zimmerman's head --- but then it is a sick, sick society which elects --- and then re-elects --- and re-elects --- scum like Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, Biden The Magnificent, Nazi Pelosi, Filthy Harry Reid, and NYC Mayor Doomberg. In the best of all possible worlds, they'll all be on a plane which crashes into the NY Times Editorial offices at midmorning, any work day, next week.

The real assassins in the Martin-Zimmerman confrontation are 1] Martin, 2] Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, who is trying to promote race riots and the assassination of George Zimmerman, 3] Attorney General Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, who will make sure that Zimmerman is unarmed when OhBummer’s and Holder's proxy assassins come for him, and 4] the fascist Democrat-captured media who are character assassins operating on behalf of the Democrat party and the OhBummer dictatorship.

As well, these media propagandists are actionable as accessories before the fact if they succeed in promoting the injury or assassination of George Zimmerman. Every one of the media who have tried or who will try to cause injury to Zimmerman is a legitimate legal target of people who believe in justice --- the justice which Trayvon Martin earned when he jumped George Zimmerman and attempted to murder him. Two lying fascist sacks of shxt --- OhBummer and Holder --- and of course the usual race hustlers like Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson --- can be counted on to promote racial hysteria and a false narrative on this subject, year-on-year, and decade-on-decade, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

As for "racism in America," there are millions more black racists than white racists in America today --- and the hundreds of millions of non-racists in America have "nothing" to apologize for --- no "guilt" to feel or adopt --- no "white privilege" to apologize for --- no “reparations” to pay --- no obligation to kowtow to all of the black racists --- or to Unkle Skum --- by which expression I mean “government at any and every level of American society.”

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