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Comments made by Rburdge

Historic Capri Theater Helped Usher In Modernism

I recall Jones, his Jaguar, and Mr Meredith who managed the Capri when I was Asst Mgr there in 70-73. Before economics pushed it to pen, the Capri was a grand lady. Modernistic art and decor were new to me, coming from the more traditional Midwest. SDSU's Telecommunication courses during the day, a newborn infant at home, theatre work at night, and beaches on the weekend in my 20's and what it taught me is what I still look back on with a smile. Monday thru Friday is what gets in the way of Saturday and Sunday. I returned to the Midwest after graduating from SDSU. But I never forgot the modern art that marveled me at the Capri, the business principles of Jones, the gleam of his Jaguar, and the weekend beaches. Thank you for reminding me again of those sunny San Diego days. More than once, I have smiled on a chilly winter day here and felt warm with the memories.

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