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Comments made by RealistNow

New Report Finds 10 Percent Of San Diegans Live In Poverty

Everything is a 'liberal' this, liberal that' issue to muckapoo. Kind of reminds me of the rednecks I knew in El Cajon who constantly were blaming 'liberals' for virtually anything.
Scientists causing global warming? They must be liberals. More people are doing Yoga? They must be liberals. They want to teach financial literacy in school to help
kids get out of poverty? Must be liberal education!

However, he/she is free to express himself/herself an example of irrational argument, ad-homecoming attack, strawman logic, and black-or/white reasoning. That's what free speech is about, so I don't believe in 'flagging' post.

In short, the article has great potential to determine the root causes, get people motivated, and ways to get more people involve in the community. Yet, the comments
have become 'politicized'.

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San Diego River Restoration Involves Clearing Homeless, And Their Trash

shariw - perhaps they have become zombie-like, can't think clearly all day, suppressing hunger everyday, live in dirty environment with your all scattered, etc. Even the most productive person can't start acting careless once he/she lose hope, drunk all day, etc.

I'm not defending the bums for creating a mess, but how do you expect a privilege them to make to make healthy decisions? Perhaps that's why they were homeless in the first place.

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San Diego Researcher Explains Why We Trash-Talk Opponents

The same can be said of political bickering online - taunting your opponents and feeding off your ego. While online gaming trash-talk are for fun, the people who do the same online through a political lens are much worse as they're living under the illusion of a Red/Blue distinction. Viewed from a larger context, there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans; and the line between a liberal and conservative are blurring among the young generations more and more.

Anyone who begins a argument with 'Liberals this, liberals that' or 'Conservatives this, conservatives that' has no idea the true principles of either side. Rather, it becomes a form of "grown up' name-calling pointing out differences based on personal preferences as opposed to the principles of each political affiliations.

"If I'm a Conservative and I like Coke, then if you like Pepsi, you must be a Liberal."
"If I'm a Conservative and I like Pepsi, then if you like Coke, you must be a Liberal."

That pretty sums up political debate online.

That's why political discussion are like just race and religion debate nowadays online - they go in full circle to feed one's ego. It must be a politicians dream come true to have the "people" divide themselves among superficial political labels. It used to religion, race, and now politics. And there are tons of elements we can divide ourselves among.

Gaming community = Together we stand (as a clan/team), divided we fall.

Politics = Together we stand, divided we fall. And we're dividing more and more...

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Supreme Court Takes Case Of Cellphone Search Of San Diego Man

Both Republicans and Democrats are at fault here - flip side of the same coin controlled by the NWO/Zionist.

January 17, 2014 at 6:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego River Restoration Involves Clearing Homeless, And Their Trash

JeanMarc - what makes you think these people don't have part-time jobs, have jobs there were in declining industry, got their jobs outsourced, or are still training for a different career path, etc?

If only it was easy as 'working hard' then we would all be rich and employed. Tell that to the mom who had to work 2 full-time jobs and 1 part-time job just to makes end meet, but lose a job due to budget cuts.

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Food Stamp Cuts To Hit 270,000 In San Diego County

Poor families who have 3+ kids are doing it to get EBT benefits as part of the "entitlement" program funded by taxpayers. No doubt, many young families are abusing it. Without proper values, it teaches them that society will reward you, if you have kids you can't afford. Generations of them will then become dependent on
these "aid" and be stuck in their dependent "freebie" mentality cycle.

Food stamp is not a perfect system, but that's the main issue I have with it. And it seems to make up the majority of the recipients.

With that said, I'm still for proper use of social welfare resources as a safety-net for those who are disabled, war veterans, legitimate poor family who has lost everything from a fire/robbery, etc. And those who show
promises of trying to build a productive future for themselves and the community.

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The Interplanetary Beliefs Of An Unusual Group In El Cajon

Although our founder fathers have been Christians - they were only so because that what was the dominant religion at the time. The same with the Physicist/Christian Issac Newton, they were product of their era. Thomas Jefferson was actually more of a "Agnostic" than anything based on his writings, and if you read his biography, his beliefs leans towards Eastern philosophy - like Buddhism.

If everyone all think the same and follow the same religion, we would be a naive blind nation. That's why I believe our found fathers did the right thing and separated the Church and State. We have freedom of beliefs/expression/religion, but maybe not freedom from it. So, believe in your faith all you want - but don't preach it on us and try to say, you're Bible is the real deal, while others are by false beliefs.

"I never considered a difference of opinion, in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend." Thomas Jefferson

January 16, 2014 at 6:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Interplanetary Beliefs Of An Unusual Group In El Cajon

Missionaccomplished - people like you are the reason why many younger generations and even the elders are leaving the Christian Church in masses. I've been a Christian for decades and decided to think beyond "Christianity" and "religion' in general. I've now found peace of mind, more freedom and able to think outside the "box" as a result;' my mind is no longer constraint by a dogma, distorted preachers, and the judgmental followers of so-called Christians today.

Why are Christians so angry whenever someone insult their beliefs? Why do Christians want a "monopoly" on human spiritual growth? I'm no longer a blind believer, but your reactions to insults is a reflection of yourself. If you know the TRUTH, you will never feel insulted by what you believe. I've studied Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and even Islam - and realize it's just mankind's way of seeking the path of enlightenment. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and other messengers never wanted to start a new religion, but wanted men to seek the truth on their own, regardless of a religion. No where does Jesus promise heaven on Earth just for labeling yourself a 'Christian.'

Christianity just so happen to be a mass-accepted cult in mainstream society - the messages of religion are the same - but have distorted by thousands of years by priests/pastors to gain power. Why is Christianity is so big? Because it's easy to become one in the mainstream. Throughout many centuries, Christians have colonized poorer countries and replacing their indigenous beliefs with Christianity - "Believe or die by the sword!" That's how the Spanish took over many nations of the past. There are just so many hateful messages in the Bible (slavery, murders, wars, outdated principles) that no one in their right mind would say it has a 'universal message.' Even Albert Einstein supported Buddhism more so than Christianity.

Christianity has influenced man alright - with wars, infringing women's right, mass conversions, impeding the progress of advanced science, takeovers of a ancient cultures, etc.

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