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Comments made by RebeccaR

E-Cigarette Overdose: How Much Liquid Nicotine Would It Take To Kill You?

Well, they sell giant bottles of alcohol but that doesn't mean one should down the whole thing, or the alcohol industry is to blame if someone does.

Root beer isn't really a beer, and I don't see hysteria over it for being a look alike sound alike.

Vaping does strongly resemble smoking, but it is a new device that is saving lives, not killing people.Of course there is a risk, as with anything out there, but that doesn't mean one takes another's liberty away, and especially since it's a lifesaving tool.

I wish people would stop stigmatizing, regulating and taxing the vaping industry to death, because it is saving lives, and for all the misinformation out there, a live is lost.

I should know. I was a 40 year smoker and I quit because of vaping. I finally feel like I am going to live. I would have quit 3 years ago if not for all this hysteria. 3 years is a life or death matter to someone that smoked as long as I did. I hope that those three years weren't the ones that pushed my body over the edge.

In answer to the article. I don't know how much nicotine it takes to kill a person. I know that in the method marketed in the industry today, it is handy for me to use, and I need it to remain that way, and i think others do as well. I know I am ingesting much less nicotine now per day than I was when I was smoking and I've tried a few other options.

1) Vaping. While I have vaped too much a couple times and got myself a bit nauseous, it's an easy fix to just stop vaping 'til it clears. Vaping has an inherent 'step down' program not often talked about, and as a former 40 year smoker, I am almost down to 0mg on a regular basis. That's a huge milestone.

2) Keep smoking. I have been nauseous before while smoking, in the 40 years but the nicotine and other chemicals in that habit builds up to one smokes more.

3) In the FED ACT stop smoking program, I was nauseous a few times there too, and that was NOT an easy fix. The worst nausea I ever felt was from using those patches. I went through two FDA ACT classes and tried previously with the patch on my own. Does not work.

Out of the three options I just outlined above.. only ONE is a lifesaver, and worth the risk of handling the nicotine. By golly, as a former 40 years smoker, I just might now live.

So what happens if I accidentally spill a bottle on me? Probably nothing!!! I would just wash it off right away. I can't wash out my lungs from smoking.

We don't hear a lot about the accidental OD from vaping because people aren't doing it for thrills, they are doing it because they want to live.

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