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Comments made by RegularChristian

Community Clinics Push Enrollment in Covered California As Deadline Approaches

Benz, progress is almost always incremental. This was a big step in the right direction.

First, the savings come from millions of people using doctor's offices for preventive care and other services rather hospital emergency rooms where costs are highest. So right there taxpayers will be paying less to pay for those millions of people's medical bills.

Secondly, insurance rates go down when the insurance pool is larger.

I do think more needs to be done. We need to control spiraling medical costs. But this can be addressed better under the ACA framework than the old business model which was in effect for over fifty years with nothing to show except annual double digit increases.

Now it's time to get hospitals to publish their prices so people know what fees are. I hope the days of $200 aspirins appearing on your hospital bill are numbered.

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Solana Beach Resident Gets Shoutout During Obama's Health Care Announcement

Great story.

Being an individual plan member, myself, I know several people who have also benefitted with costs savings like that. And the peace of mind!

Even though taxpayers are picking up a part of that tab, it's still less expensive to taxpayers (and other individual plan members) than the old system where uninsured people got their medical care through emergency rooms, where the cost is highest.

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Community Clinics Push Enrollment in Covered California As Deadline Approaches

The source is this: as an individual plan member, I've been subsidizing indigent people's health care through my premiums which are priced to cover the cost of their health cares (i.e., the monetary loss hospitals, doctors and labs take by performing services for free, or a deep, deep discount ). In other words, these health care providers hike their prices to the insurance companies to make up for their losses and that is why my premiums rise every year about 30%. Every year!

Perhaps it's too early to tell because it hasn't been tabulated yet. But that is just being nit-pickey. Thank goodness the government has intervened to do something to control these out of control costs.

No matter your politics, it is a major step towards controlling costs.

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What You Need To Know About Today's Obamacare Deadline

Thanks you for the good information

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Community Clinics Push Enrollment in Covered California As Deadline Approaches

Very cool law all the ay around.

The ACA is already reducing government spending by lowering costs of health care spending. That's the macro level. On the micro level, it's lowering premiums because insured people are not paying for the indigent people crashing emergency rooms where care is most expensive. Very cool program all the way around.

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San Diego Opera Faces Breach Of Contract Complaint

What does he mean the problem is "high labor costs?" I thought the labor was the talent? And that the "labor" was what it was all about?

What a funny persecutive! That's the leader? No wonder it's closing.

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Community Clinics Push Enrollment in Covered California As Deadline Approaches

AMF1948: I suggest you keep copies of everything you submit. It sounds like you're doing everything correctly but the insurance company is dropping the ball. Get used to it. They do that a lot. I'm sure if you have a paper trail of what you doing in the end it will be good. So sorry you're having head aches.

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Colorado River Begins Flooding Mexican Delta

This is great. The Colorado river delta was once a major ecosystem for a great variety of plants and animals. Can't wait for that to be restored over the coming decades. Also happy that we're looking for new sources of water for San Diego's homes. We can and should do both! Full speed ahead!

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In The Pocket: The Price of Getting Elected Mayor Of San Diego

Well said.

The rich just shouldn't be in positions of power. The middle class should be in charge of the public good.

This. of course, is an oversimplification to point out the difference between a plutocracy and a democracy.

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