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Comments made by Rem

Is America A Christian Nation?

I think the christian people who wish this were a christian nation feel superior. I think christianity instills a sense of superiority, to which the christian is addicted. The manifestation of this has been a historically long vicious persecution of those who are not believers or who violate their “morals.”

However, since the scientific revolution, it has been harder and harder for the religious to claim supremacy. To many, christian fundamentalists, protestant or catholic, are seen as a superstitious lot with a nasty, intolerant disposition.

The christian has a belief of superiority that is not affirmed by the larger rational populace. Supremacy requires agreement. To feel superior, and then to be challenged by rational arguments for which they can offer no good answer is a cornerstone of their anger. The christian knows rational knowledge will not vindicate their position. If you doubt this, ask a christian to provide testable, falsifiable evidence of their god and watch their face contort. Rational knowledge impedes the christian from their historical status. It is their great enemy.

Politically, christian supremacy has been historically buttressed by the state. Their supremacy is challenged and impeded most by a secular government, with a secular constitution. Secular democracy is the other great enemy.

The christian is further challenged by any criticism of biblical “morality.” That is why the christian gets so agitated by gay rights and women’s rights, two groups that were unapologetically oppressed by christians and justified by christian philosophy. Secular social movements for equality is the third great enemy.

To regain their elevated standing, the christian must attack our Constitution. They must convince others that our Constitution is somehow christian so as to further modify it to their religious end. Since a rational analysis of constitutional history confirms the constitution’s secular nature, the christian MUST obfuscate, lie, and bully. Truth, honesty, and rationality do not matter. All that matters is their elevation. All that matters is getting their christian sensibilities solidly into our Constitution. Obfuscating, lying and bullying are to be expected and are a matter of course. It is all they have.

It cannot be over-emphasized that the rational-secularist must understand that this is not about religion, per se. It is not about understanding a god. It is not about bringing in a better America. It is not about a better morality. It is about restoring the supremacy of christians. Once in power they will viciously attack all remnants of secularism: tolerance for other religions will be eliminated, women will be lowered, abortion will be outlawed, gays will be tortured and killed, and all secular knowledge that contradicts their mythology will be outlawed.

There can be no middle ground here. All rational secularists must oppose the fundamentalist claim on our secular Constitution.

October 30, 2010 at 3:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )