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Comments made by Remy_Bermudez

San Diego City Council District 8 Debate

Does Felipe Hueso know that I, Remy Bermúdez, am not running for the 8th Council District? The KPBS debate was about David Alvarez and Felipe Hueso running for the 8th Council District....not Remy Bermúdez.

The elder Hueso’s performance during the KPBS debate is a perfect example of his short-temper and short-sightedness of District 8’s issues and how he muddles up. His half truths, misrepresentations of facts and absence of content and reality appear to be the hallmark of his persona and desperate antics.

Felipe Hueso’s assertion that I, Remy Bermúdez, (naming me by name on the air) had stated at an SEDC meeting that District 8 is only ”for Mexican American people” and that David Alvarez and I are in some kind of racist conspiracy for the District couldn’t be furthest from the truth. He said, “I am referring to her…I alluded to her” when he falsely accused David Alvarez’s "organization" for the alleged conspiracy. False on both counts! But gees, I didn’t know I was on Felipe’s mind, so much so that he goes crazy. He is delusional and purposely lying to defile my persona and linking Mr. Alvarez with me as if I were a negative element. Why the concern? I only raised the bar for his brother’s, Councilman Ben Hueso, performance as a councilmember. Perhaps Felipe should, as his younger brother Ben did, visit my 2006 website,, to learn about the needed services in District 8.

Furthermore during the debate, Felipe yelped emotionally that Mr. Alvarez was my campaign manager when “she ran against my brother,” he said. For the record, my campaign manager was April Goldstein, not David Alvarez, as Felipe Hueso asserted with an emphatic after-thought, "and that's not a false statement." Am I to understand that his other statements are lies?

And what if Mr. Alvarez had been my campaign manager! We both know our district from first-hand community advocacy. Something that Felipe Hueso does not. Our District needs David Alvarez for a FRESH START, not the left over bones (Hueso = "bone" in English.) from the previous elected councilmen: Vargas left InzunzaInzunza left Ben HuesoBen Hueso plans to leave his brother, Felipe Hueso…Yikes! Furthermore, evidenced by his performance on this debate, Felipe doesn’t understand issues, partly because of his short fuse and because…..well…he is a Hueso after all.

Hey Felipe, you cannot cast a vote on behalf of our communities on any redevelopment issue where your property holdings represent a conflict of interest just as Councilman Ben Hueso can’t. And by your own admission, you and your family own a lot of property here. Perhaps your brother, Councilman Ben Hueso, and allies would like to talk about the Historic District CDC (1999) in the Sherman Heights/Grant Hill Park historic district areas, its executive director, board members and how it may have contributed for a chosen few to acquire so much property in the 8th Council District in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

October 26, 2010 at 9:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )