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Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

Check out Sydney Australia , they have dozens of ocean pools, some over a 100 years old that are maintained and clean . They have lots of seals too, but they are not allowed in their many pools. Seal profits are not fallin- for there it seems. No one is staging seal abuse videos to sway the government and public to allow the pollution and closure of the only ocean pool, putting swimmers in jeopardy of drowning as one swimmer did during a past Seal Politics closure. These Seal Opportunists have already caused one death, how many more do they want to cause?? They are philosophically different in that they are a nation of swimmers who are actually exercising in the water , as opposed to just viewing the ocean.
check out this link:
They keep their pools clean and for- people -only as is necessary to keep them clean and usable. They respect their disabled and many pools are very accessible, we have only one , a very special gift and a engineering work of art, and we allow seals to pollute it and it to crumble to ruin as the disabled look on helpless. San Diego and especially La Jollans should be very ashamed. Seals have all their body parts,. they love the surf, and are great in rip tides. Seals can access all the beaches, hundreds of miles of them, The Disabled have only one access possible to the real Pacific Ocean, the Children's Pool . Please do not allow this spy cam to go back up and use the seals as an excuse to watch and follow women. I have dozens of very damaging screen shots. This is a potential pediafile situation when you have young teens bodies honed in on. Tourists have complained and been very worried about these people who also follow them and their kids around on the beach and are photo'd literally within inches of their bodies. This is very wrong. A Reldon woman does this to our guests there. Very unethical and inappropriate and it seems not-legal to me.
Thank you for your time, and if you are interested in helping this cause please contact
Thank you from the R.A.M. P Committee

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Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

Please do not allow the couple calling themselves a Conservancy to profit off the backs of seals and watch women and young girls , Filner's pet project at the Children's POOL. They write down the car, make and model and license plates of people who go to enjoy the beach, this is potentially leading to following people home and crimes. They hone in and video the license plates. I think I was followed home one night and drove around the block. It is very creepy. The surveillance camera operators have proven that they can not be trusted and that they have already abused the rights of this public area. The police and a ranger are being used as pawns to threaten people for swimming. Children's Pool is first and foremost LEGALLY a human pool. And a much needed one for our disabled. Please support the restoration of access to the disabled and a full ADA Ramp to go along with the ADA shower going in, a cruel joke to my friend Jack, a paraplegic ocean swimmer who needs that access to be able to need the shower! And tourist dollars? Restore this pool with ADA access and watch the flood of disabled people and their families come to the Children's Pool to finally be able to go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean in safety. A Restored Pacific Ocean ADA Pool would being people from all over the country and the world specifically to La Jolla for a swim, a destination not just a 5 minute stop off to look at a Condemned wall polluted with seal feces that stinks worse that the bird poop at the Cove! Please think logically.

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Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

The Children and Families that swim in the Children's Pool in La Jolla have also been the victim of Mr. Filner's improperness. I wonder if Larry Wan and Bob Filner turn the lights down low and have cocktails while they operate the joy stick of this high tech surveillance camera and follow women around on the beach, especially when there are no seals in site. Ms. Frey , is also a supporter of this spy camera on a public beach I understand and many more of the Seal Profit Opp Gang that has been trying to close down a public beach and the only ocean pool with access for the disabled in the Continental United States. With 16,000 new maimed soldiers coming home from the Foreign Wars their country is sending them too , this ocean pool built for Those Handicapped In Life's Game is needed more than ever. Please take moment to understand the priorities here and take 5 to watch this:
Seal Profits helped to elect Bob Filner and he has vowed to close this human ocean therapy pool to the our disabled American VETs who have given everything and can no longer face life so maimed. By the time you go to sleep another 20 young men and women will have killed themselves. The suicide rate exceeds the fatality rate of the was they came from! This seems to be acceptable to Mr. Filner. and to Donna Frey and to San Diego? A military town? The breakwater wall that took 10 years to build and has been left in the care of San Diego is now slated to be CONDEMNED anyday , This is a travesty, when Challenged Athletes have to be carried down dangerous stairways at La Jolla Cove, when just 2 blocks south they could roll down a ramp and access the safe ocean pool behind the breakwater especially built for them? Some unassisted! Hello San Diego, people without the use of their legs can not swim out through the surf!! The Children's Pool needs to be restored NOW and could easily, be the best ADA ocean pool in the World with a great ramp and wheelchair lifts, and lots of handicapped parking. It should be Dedicated to our Wounded Warriors. Water therapy is perfect for the disabled. The Children's Pool is a POOL as opposed to the surf and therefore is an easy transition from a wheelchair to the water. The ramp was open for more than 65 years. I have to crawl under the gate or scoot over the lip of the wall to access it myself, as I am partially disabled and feel safe only at the Children's Pool to do therapy. The ocean is life giving. To be in the ocean and out of a wheelchair is very healing, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. Lets give some life back to our young warriors and give them a chance to go for a swim again. Please support The Restoration of the Children's Pool to be dedicated to our returning Wounded Warriors .

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