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Comments made by Rhonda

Guest Blogger: Scott Paulson Goes to France

Bravo Scott & musicians! Bravo Professor Jules-Rosetta! The Siren of the Tropics cine-concert was a fabulous conclusion to the Black France film festival weekend. I saw a film that I may have never seen otherwise with an exemplary musical score. Thank you.

June 2, 2010 at 5:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Guest Blogger: In The Shadow Of The Eiffel Tower

CaliforniaDefender, please do not confuse the European nations' law against the collection of racial data as a favorable measure in the struggle for racial equality in these countries. This has simply allowed these nations to dismiss the inequalities and lack of representation in many levels of their societies. If we cannot count them, we cannot say that their admittance into schools, professions, housing, etc is under -represented, thus no need to enforce measures to bring about change. Please do not be fooled, racism, extremism exists in Europe, all the more haunting because it often hides behind "laws", closed doors, in dark corners and it's not spoken of overtly. The minorities have also been far less militant. They arrived in their host countries in small droves and over time, causing no immediate threat to the majority population. But things change as the generations born in the host countries realize they are in fact treated as second class citizens. Then what do you get? No, not an organized militant struggle. You get outright violence in the streets with no voice for the struggle. This is what happened in France in 2004 and continues to happen in many neighborhoods throughout the country.

There is nothing wrong with identifying oneself in hyphenated terms. We should be proud of our origins and be free to express them without fear of discrimination of any kind.

Last note, the American Embassy offered the venue for the opening of the Festival but by no means was at the origin of it's creation and organization. So let's not label this as an "Obama event." Speaking of racial profiling ...

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