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Comments made by Rich

Roundtable Opera Bows Out; Water In Imperial Valley; Sweetwater Troubles

Dear Roundtable, it seems odd that KPBS would have a discussion about the CA drought & Imperial Valley water without a representative of the IV Press present for the roundtable. At the very least I'd expect an interview with an Imperial Irrigation District representative. The additional interview was with a representative of the SD Water Authority. Though Tony Perry did a decent job of looking at both sides of the water issue: population served vs. ag. production, he's still a SD representative (for the LA Times) and does better on other topics. KPBS TV and radio (KQVO) serve the Imperial Valley so c'mon guys, use some IV sources in your reporting. The former morning edition used to have a Friday roundup with the editor of the IV Press. There is also a branch campus of SDSU in Calexico so there is no excuse for KPBS's blind spot in representing Imperial Valley perspectives in the news. Regards, Rich Ryan, El Centro

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New Laws On The Books For California In 2013

Maureen and staff, happy 2013. Really glad to hear Dan Eaton, once again, with his informative comments and wit. Thanks for having him on to start the new year with legal briefs. regards, Rich, El Centro

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Dear KPBS & Maureen, I caught part of the earthquake discussion. Thanks for having rational news and views on this natural disaster. Too much bad info floating around. Unfortunately on Sunday following the quake, KPBS Calexico and KXO AM our emergency radio station were off the air (I tried listening with a battery powered radio). Nor did we have land line or cell phone service following the quake. Some cell service came back as the day went on. Texting seemed to work better as incoming messages.
I found Dr. Abbott's choice of words unfortunate. He said it was "...a very enjoyable event yesterday." This diminishes the perception of the impact of the quake on people in the affected areas, the Mexicali and Imperial Valleys. There was considerable destruction of homes and businesses as one could see on Mexicali TV broadcasts. Mobile homes were moved off their blocks in El Centro. Even our strapped hot water heater moved away from the wall and had to be repaired. Although we have lived through numerous quakes in this area, this one was different. Our house is not perfectly quake proof, but we have been conscious of protecting against the usual quakes. Sunday's quake destroyed keepsakes from my family along with tossing books and kitchen items across floors. Fridges and file cabinets moved. In our area numerous gas stations and food stores were closed through Tuesday. Worst of all has been the impact on people's sense of security especially among the elderly.
Next time it might be better to have on-site reporting in the area affected and let Dr. Abbott stay at home so he can enjoy the next big one. Regards, Richard Ryan, El Centro, Professor Emeritus, SDSU-IV Campus

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