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Survey: Quality Of Life In San Diego Trending Upward

Declining San Diego air quality? I think not.

Look at the last five years' data from the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. In just about every pollutant category and across most of the county, the air quality has been CONSISTENTLY improving.

Too bad the press doesn't spend 5 minutes seeking corroborating data, but rather accepts environmental groups' conclusions without question.

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San Diego Named Top City For Small Business By Forbes Magazine

It’s great that 3 of the top 12 startup-friendly cities are (supposedly) based in California, with San Diego #1. But gee, that must mean the REST of California must be even worse than the studies indicate. The truth is, this "survey" is the most bogus nonsense I've seen in a legitimate publication. But in fairness, it's just the gonzo opinion of a columnist -- NOT the ranking by Forbes itself.


60% of the "criteria" for this startup business survey uses truly bizarre data:

1. "Percentage of small businesses that accept credit cards."
2. "Percentage of small businesses with Facebook pages and websites."
3. "Percentage of businesses with online reviews."

Gosh, perhaps a more important factor to consider is the chances that a new startup will SURVIVE!


California small businesses failed in 2011 at a rate 69% higher than the national average — the worst state in the nation. (based on Dunn & Bradstreet study)

In 2012, our supply of California businesses shrunk 5.2%. In ONE year. NOTE: That’s a NET figure – 5.2% fewer businesses in CA in 2012 than were here in 2011. Indeed, in 2012, CA lost businesses at a 67.7% higher rate than the 2nd worst state!


CA is NOT a very business friendly state:

CA needlessly licenses more occupations than any state – 177. Second worst state is Connecticut at 155. The average state is 92.

Starting a business that hires employees? Check out the worker compensation rates:
CA has the 3rd highest state workers compensation rates, up from 5th in 2010. CA had a 3.4% rate increase in 2013. and

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San Diego Fast Food Workers Join National Protest For Higher Wages

When the cameras pulled back, it was apparent that there was almost as much press there as there were protesters. Hats off to SEIU for pulling off the con.

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San Diego Fast Food Workers Join National Protest For Higher Wages

The Great San Diego Fast Food Strike is now done. Check the results of this much-ballyhooed event.

There was one well-orchestrated "picketing" protest in a city of 1.4 million people. But few fast food workers constituted the truly pathetic 100 person San Diego turnout.

It was the usual cabal of aging hippies, young college economic illiterates ("People Over Profits" -- when the increased cost would be passed through to the CUSTOMERS), SEIU labor members (NOT in the fast food business) and a handful of OFF-DUTY fast food workers (three claimed to actually be on strike, but likely were not).

Sadly, the press treated this as a major event. But it was DEFINITELY not a "strike."

By any reasonable standard, it was a well-funded, hyper-hyped bust.

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Councilman Says City Code On Recall Elections Should Be Amended

There should be enough city council votes to override any mayoral veto at this point.

But the bigger problem is the threat of a bogus recall to short circuit a legitimate recall effort. A fake recall apparently can void a legit recall, as a failed effort blocks another attempt for 6 months, negating all the cost and signatures the legit effort provides.

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Survey Shows Majority Of Experts Agree Humans Are Cause Of Climate Change

Here's a good article on the stunning, lop-sided difference in funding for the two global warming viewpoints:

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Survey Shows Majority Of Experts Agree Humans Are Cause Of Climate Change

Which pays more -- grants for confirming harmful man-made global warming or evil-corporation payments to deny global warming? Answer -- grants to further hype global warming. BILLIONS paid for such "sky-is-falling" (well, polluted) research, vs. millions paid by evil-corporations supposedly denying man's culpability.

The bigger the projected global warming catastrophe, the bigger the subsequent grants. If a researcher concludes that global warming is NOT a problem (or a man-made problem), the grants will dry up.

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San Diego Unemployment Drops To 7 Percent

While our job situation is DEFINITELY improving, the story neglects to detail what is the FAR bigger factor reducing our unemployment -- people are giving up looking for work.

But look at the numbers. The story is there.

According to this article, 3,100 net new April jobs dropped the unemployment rate a remarkable ,7% to 7.0%. Current county unemployment (after the new jobs were added) is 111,900. If 3,100 jobs reduces the county's unemployment .7%, then 31,000 new jobs would reduce the county unemployment to ZERO! But 111,900 minus 31,000 is a tad higher than zero.

Come on, KPBS, check with someone who comprehends junior high math.

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Sequestration Shrinks Unemployment Benefits For 400,000 Californians

Anon, the "insurance" was for 26 weeks. And any private company this issued such an ill-funded "policy" would be both out of business, and their management in jail for fraud for running a Ponzi scheme a la Bernie Maddof.

But it gets worse. NOW the payments are for 73 weeks -- and has been as high as 99 weeks. There was no "unemployment insurance" promised for these extra weeks and ZERO funding for this giveaway.

That, my friend, is NOT insurance. The sequester funding cut affects only that amount above 26 weeks.

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Sequestration Shrinks Unemployment Benefits For 400,000 Californians

No Anon11, unemployment is NOT self funded. It's SUPPOSED to be, but by extending the benefits from 26 weeks to as much as 99 weeks, it's FAR from it.

The CA fund is broke, and has borrowed billions from the feds which will never be repaid. As I recall, the CA payment to the feds ALONE is over $500 million in 2011. And each year, we go DEEPER into the hole.

It's likely saying that social security is self funded. It is, until it goes broke -- a date we move closer to with each passing year.

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