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Comments made by RobInNJ

SD Futurist Looks To The Past To Size Up Today's Presidential Race

Probably because government spending isn't actually all that "profligate", unless you are really keen on revoking our grandparents' medical coverage, and telling the unemployed they don't deserve another chance to find work. The reason to worry about the tax rates is because the government's income is very low these days - too low to pay our expenses, most of which cannot simply be magically "cut" without serious consequences. Like, say, seniors who can't afford medication or retirement, or mass waves of firings destroying our fragile recovery from massive unemployment.

Don't get me wrong; pork and waste are certainly bad; trimming it would be good. I'd be ecstatic if people would sit down rationally and talk about how to get that done - although listening to the right these days, it seems unlikely to happen. The problem is that in any case, there isn't enough pork we can safely and quickly trim. And when you can't pay your bills, and can't afford to cut your expenses enough, there's no way around it for an honest man: you need more income. For a government, that generally means raising taxes.

We are living on debt right now, which actually makes some sense for a change - we are still clawing our way out of a recession. But make no mistake: If taxes don't start to rise as the economy climbs its way back to normalcy, we will have made a very grave financial mistake.

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