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Comments made by Rudy101

Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

You completely miss the point, shoshi! I am not arguing that offenders get freedom to re offend. But always be careful about what the population believes. They believed the jews to be inferior, the believed blacks to be inferior, they believe gays to be inferior. Now they believe everyone on a registry is the type of criminal that Gardener has alledgedly committed. Your not rational, nor is the population. That is why the registry MUST be taken from society and given a little rationalization. Nobody is advocating for child molesters or killers. That is the job of the defense of Gardener (and YES, he does get a defense. If you think he doesn't you lose all credibility). But I do advocate for due process. That the system is FAIR! If you really think the legislature, any legislature job is to be fair, it is not. Their job is to pass laws and be re elected. If society can't follow the basics of what most of the world is following today, like judges, due process and the like, then what is going to happen is you are going to force the rest of the world to take care of people that the U.S. can't! If you think they are going to stand by and watch as the U.S. goes through it's own holocaust, the U.S. is going to find itself very alone! A COURT, A JUDGE, THE STATE, AN INDEPENDENT DOCTOR and an offender. If you can't do it, then you violate all the standards of law most of the world doesn't seem to have much trouble abiding by...

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Over 700,000 people on a registry and not one of them have any way to challenge anything about the registry. Most people admit the registry covers people that are not dangerous, but I suppose a little illegal is ok. America does not know much about human rights at all. They label someone a terrorist and they can't even see an attorney. They have the largest prison system in the world and they forever want to expand it. They have no idea what social consciousness is. They care about protecting children from sex offenders, but could care less that many children have to stay at home alone without subsidized child care. They spend almost twice what the next country does on health care but has a life expectancy of some 3rd world countries. They have put 1 out of 3 black adult males under the criminal justice system. They don't care about the causes of crime because if they did they would have to take a real hard look into the mirror. But hey, there is always money to go to an illegal war! America is not so beautiful. It is a place of radicalism and ultra-nationalism. It is a place the world is increasingly not looking to for leadership!

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

It is called, arbitrary governmental action, shoshi... It doesn't nor, ever does belong. You are making medical diagnosis on a whole group of people that the LEGISLATURE told you were dangerous. Now you are smart enough to know that no legislature can EVER make those kind of diagnosis. Put them in front of a court, with an independent doctor, the state and the offender or defendant. What if Germany had done that? Do you think the holocaust would have happened??????? And things get pretty cloudy when you talk about the Palestinians, don't they? The point is: We all got a lot better to do and the way NOT to do it is the way the State IS doing it. Understand that?

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Yes, mommy of 4, My issue is to take down illegal laws that do NOT protect ANYONE! Nobody, not ANYONE has EVER shown how ONE registry law protects! In fact, they have been shown NOT to protect. They make people MORE likely to offend by making desperate outcasts of people. If that is true, what is the answer? You have it, and always have. You take people to COURT under civil proceedings. There you can put just about ANY restriction you like on a person, but, (and I know everyone hates this), they also get representation. You could actually make society safer, instead of stupid knee jerk laws that make the community LESS safe Does anyone really believe anyone has to follow a law that ONLY takes away safety and or security? The registry has been shown to do these things: threatens, harasses, banishes, and puts fear into offenders. Do you really believe you can be considered a nation of laws when you do? Because I tell you this: None of the rest of the world wants much to do with these idiotic laws...

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Wow! shoshi, you don't know about me or my experiences at all. But the freaks are also in your family tree. Remember that! Also, you don't know anything about sexual abuse and how it affects victims. You only parrot what society tells you to think. But I tell you THIS: You don't get to add ANY rules without a COURT! It doesn't work that way. Legislative fiat is inherently UNCONSTITUTIONAL! You will feel differently when one of the freaks is one of your misunderstood children! (Isn't that always the way? Personal experience makes the difference. Except the Constitution is there because NOBODY except a COURT can dispense of justice.) And your one strike law? It is sooo funny because you don't know anything about how prosecutors MUST work. Would you give 5 years to a child molester, or have him walk? That is what I thought!

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Hey coachkaren, exactly WHAT constitutional rights are you talking about? The right to a trial? The right to an attorney? The right to not be under, "cruel and unusual punishment?" How about the 5th amendment? You don't know much about what RIGHTS are, do you coachkaren? But I tell you ONE thing, they DO HAVE RIGHTS YOU DO NOT HAVE! What are they, you might ask? They do not have to follow ANY ex-post facto laws, OR any laws that seek to double punish. Your one strike law for sex offenders will fail in ONE mission, and that is to end sexual abuse.

And JessLynn, you have no idea how bloody our history is, do you? Do you even know what America did to the Black race for 100's of years? The rape, the murder, the total annahilation of the rights of a race. But nobody cares, right? What could THIS person have in common with THOSE people who didn't give a squat about human rights except their own?

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

Shoshi doesn't get it, because he has never read the U.S. Constitution. He doesn't understand, nor care where freedom comes from and how he came about enjoying it in his life. He doesn't understand sexual abuse either, where it occurs and who is actually doing it and who the victims are.

Well, Shoshi, without the U.S. Constitution it could be YOU accused of the most vile of crimes and you will not be able to defend yourself even a little bit.

And Shoshi, sexual abuse is mostly in the families. That means it is about family dynamics just as much as the criminal justice system.

And it isn't the court system that has failed it is society who does not like the court system that has failed. See, under civil proceedings you can put most any kind of restriction on a person if you have real evidence he is a continuing threat to society. And if you don't have that evidence or the evidence shows he is NOT a continuing threat to society then there are no restrictions, especially AFTER a sentence has been served.

And Shoshi, contrary to what you think, those FREAKS are human beings. They are much more closely linked to you than you can ever realize. If you knew anything about history, you would know that most of our ancestors weren't very nice people. They lied, raped, killed, tortured and did whatever they wanted or what the law would allow. You know? Jews, Blacks, Catholics, Irish... You name it and a population has turned on them. But they did create YOU. So they had their worth, eh, Shoshi?

The sex offender registry creates desperate, homeless, hungry and ultimately MORE dangerous people. It is NOT supervised by a court. It treats everyone the same, even the MOST dangerous with the least dangerous. The real problem is a total lack of respect for the judical branch of government. They are better equipped to deal with this kind of thing then any legislature can alone. But nobody wants a JUDGE making a decision on whether a person is dangerous or not, because the one thing the Constitution demands is EVIDENCE! And, one thing you also don't get is, what exactly is, "Rule of Law."

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