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Comments made by SDJan

Costs And Benefits Of Sunrise Powerlink Vary By Community

It is my understanding there are no leases in place for renewable energy. There is a plan in Baja just south of the border of Imperial County. There is a plant on the coast in Baja that is piping gas to that plant to create energy.
Now, where will that NON-RENEWABLE energy go?
If the taxpayers are funding this project for RENEWABLE energy (yes, it is federally funded), and SDG&E refuses to demonstrate or commit to running renewable energy on these lines, then why should the taxpayers support it or agree to it. If the ratepayers are then expected to pay more for it, then we need some transparency.
There was no EIR for this route (pure and simple). The towers will prevent fire protection -- fire agencies have stated that they cannot do aerial firefighting in this valley with thos towers. They will not put firefighters on the ground to fight fires without air support in this valley.
Most importantly, the arrogance and political power that is allowing SDG&E to ruin a beautiful valley, a national forrest, habitate for golden eagles (and now bald eagles in the area) without appropriate evaluation (I do not care how many years, it was not for this route), mitigation of the risks, and seriously considering alternatives without transparency, commitments to renewable energy or community input is mind boggling.
Does noone remember the SEMPRA and SDG&E causing our energy costs to soar through their machinations (the Governor does) and putting people out of business as a result? Where is the oversight here?
Maureen, time to give the other side time to give all the facts -- go out there, look at the valley and the dam and El Cap and the planned lines -- people need to know that this route will not just ruin a beautiful area, it will jeopardize lives and homes because it will make them indefensible.

May 6, 2010 at 2:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )