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Comments made by SDListener

The High Cost of Health Care (Part 2)

1. The professor notes that drugs here in the US are more expensive than the exact same durgs in Canada. Why is this? I have read that drug companies spend $78billion on advertising in the US, versus $28billion on R&D. My understanding is that direct advertising of prescription drugs to the patient is not allowed in Canada; is this part of the problem?

2. Referencing a recent case here in San Diego where an uninsured woman had out-patient back surgery, she had to fight to get a listing of the $30,000 charge which was 24 pages in length and included a charge of $400 for the use of a pillow for the transfer from the operating room to the recovery room. How can the hospitals justify this? Why do they do this?

3. Certainly doctors deserve to be well-paid. Do those doctors who are paid straight salaries at some of the most outstanding institutions in the US (the Mayo Clinic?) seek to leave those institutions because they are not paid enough? Is there any concern that they are not as qualified as doctors who are paid on a fee for service basis?

4. I am fortunate to have an excellent health insurance plan. But I frequently find the insurance company kicking back a charge for nonsense reasons, such as the doctor submitted the charge on the wrong form, or used the wrong code, although further research will show the doctor filled out the forms exactly the way they were instructed by the insurance companies. I know that some of my doctors have just written off some of the charges rather than fight with the insurance companies.

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