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Comments made by SDLocalsOnly

'Don't Feed Our Bums' Bumper Stickers Draw Ire

Wow, just saw this on the news... nothing but a few silly arguments against it; "it's hateful"- I don't see any hate involved, just local folks trying to peacefully address a problem; "you don't kick people when they're down"- not enabling and having some expectation are far from "kicking"; or "it's not the kind of thing we do in OB"- meanwhile the guy sold over 2,000 stickers in just one hour to locals!? Then there's the video interview with the two bums talking about how they're not a threat to anybody, while their pitbull is threatening every person that walks by!? Sorry, just can't get behind the protest against the stickers.

Note that I am a fan of bums though; they are majority local folks who could not keep up with the yuppies/foreigners taking over SD. I also recognize the beneficial effect that bums have on the absurdly manipulated real estate values that drive up the cost of everything in my town. Homes for locals, homes for living- F investors and real estate manipulators.

On another note, I do recognize that a proper welfare state is not necessarily bad- Japan created a massive welfare state post WWII and it grew their tiny country into one of the largest economies in the world (#2 in the 80's right?) Random dollars given on the street is not proper welfare.

June 21, 2010 at 9:54 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego Faces Water Supply Challenges

The root cause is not drought, less snow/rain, etc; it is OVERPOPULATION. This is the root cause of essentially every socio-economic problem imaginable, yet our great leaders still fail to address it. All they care about is more people= more consumers= more taxes, and the like.

Our current system of endless growth economics needs to end first. Just look at the ridiculous growth that the housing manipulation caused in San Diego; now there are too many people here for the resources - roads, jobs, schools, homes, water, food, fuel...

Unfortunately capitalism (as we now know it) requires growth, so we'll have to settle for low, moderated growth.

No more foreigners from any city/state/country in San Diego! Save our quality of life (or eventually we'll be simply trying to save our lives).

August 3, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )