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Comments made by SDSUstudentworker

'Day Of Action' For Education Unites California

Dear "CaliforniaDefender",

Your are sadly mistaken about who organized these statewide events. At SDSU a spontaneously formed committee (known as the March 4th Committee) headed the efforts to coordinate and plan for this event. I would like to emphasize the fact that this was STUDENT organized. The ISO, as you state in your comment, had absolutely NO presence at SDSU! Perhaps it makes you feel better to think that students would not, or could not, organize such a massive statewide, multi-campus event in opposition to the policies of Sacramento and Washington. Yesterday was an unprecedented event in the sense that CA has never seen all three systems of public higher education (UC, CSU, and CC) unify in opposition. We should all be proud of the students and workers who took part in this.

Furthermore, public education is based on the fundamental egalitarian principle that everyone should have access to quality education. In our economic system, in which the social wealth of society is privately held by a tiny fraction of the population, this form of education seems impossible - for capitalism is based on the notion of inequality.

You say "Taxpayers are burdened with 66% of their education, while students cover only 33%." Is society not burdened with the multi-trillion dollar bail-out of the banks (!), and the continued funding of two criminal wars!? So long as the social wealth of society, which is produced by society as a whole, is held privately by a tiny few, the interests and needs of students and workers will be trumped by those of the financial elite who have a strangle hold on the economic and political system.

Yesterday’s actions are a testament to the fact that political consciousness is rising, and students and workers are uniting in opposition to the onslaught against their lives. Existing political avenues have not produced the results that students and workers wanted, and we have learned lessons from that. Pressuring the politicians is a dead end! The Democrats and Republicans do not represent the interest of students and workers. I took part in the organizing of the SDSU rally, and I commend my fellow students and workers for taking part in such a historic event. March 4th is only the beginning of a nationwide struggle against the current attacks students and workers are facing – history is on our side.

March 5, 2010 at 12:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )