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Comments made by SDSunshine

Local Man Explains What He Learned During "Journey of Gratitude"

This is a wonderful topic! I will look for this book. I have stepped outside my comfort level more than a few times to share with persons that have helped me in my life. Whether overall positive or negative an experience, the share of it does address a personal significance and helps me to grow further as a human being. In each episode, the recipient appreciates the personal feedback too. With each share, you become more at ease with the expression too.

One rewarding experience was an oral Thank You. I saw a notice in our local newspaper that my elementary school teacher, Mrs. S, was retiring from her profession. There was to be a luncheon at an area school in her honor. I arranged to take that afternoon off and I went to that luncheon. There was a point in the meet that co-workers stood up and gave her their thanks. I was the only person that introduced myself as a long ago student. I shared how she was instrumental in stoking my love for continual learning and most importantly, how to read. I shared how my family would lovingly joke about my nose being stuck inside book after book and they would “blame” that on Mrs. S. “Mrs. S and her good phonetics” was the mantra. It made a huge difference in my learning life. Mrs. S stood up and responded that she did in fact remember me and shared a few of my classmate stories. She was clearly happy in recalling her memories. Afterward, a number of teachers approached me to say how touched they were to hear our exchange. While I wasn’t there to thank them specifically, they took hope from our exchange that they too had positively affected a student or two in their lifetime of school related work. I was happy that I took the time to find that school and go to that luncheon. It was a genuine expression that I was able to share with her while she is living.

When we married, my husband and I wrote a letter to a couple that are long time family friends of mine. In a written letter, we shared with them that they are dear friends and pointedly that they are our example of what a loving successful marriage is. They were my neighbors and my best childhood friend’s parents. They have since moved out of state, yet we visit each other twice a year. They remain our marriage role models.

Another verbal instance was related to a less than positive work relationship. I both apologized and thanked this person for the lessons learned in dealing with her. She was surprised by our discussion and fortunately touched as well. She shared that she had learned from me as well. We went on to work in the same company, in different groups thereafter. I know that exchange went miles toward our growing friendship from there.

Expressing gratitude is a rewarding effort - for both parties. I highly recommend a more conscious practice of it. Thank you for this show’s topic and the lead to the web site and book by Mr. Green.

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Enjoying Holiday Foods

This was a great show. I look forward to finding the soup recipes on the links of the panel, especially that Hatch pepper one...please!

Hi Vivienne,

I didn't write it down from the show but a search on the internet for "lefse mail order" shares this site ( with the phone number of 866-916-6616. It shares to order by Dec. 15 for timely delivery. Happy Holidays!

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