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Comments made by SD_Dreamer

Horn And Challengers Spar Over 5th District

Regarding the interview with the county supervisors candidates for the 5th district. At one point Ms Cavanaugh asked a question regarding citizenship and whether or not childen born in the United States to undocumented immigrants should be considered citizens. The undercurrent of racism was palpable and the dehumanization of these individuals apparent. At one point one of he candidates actually said that "planting babies" shouldn't lead to citizenship. One candidate described how he "saw" illega alien women waiting to give birth at a hospital and said something should be done about that. How he determiened their immigration status by looking at them was not apparent and I was a bit concerned that Ms Cavanaugh did not challenge these statements.

It offensive to consider children "planted" and even more offensive that women of latin descent at a hospital to give birth are automatically undocummented immigrants.

All but one of these candidates seemed ill-educated and more interesed in race baiting and pandering to less tolerant segment of our society. None appeared to consider America's limitless demand for illegal drugs and cheap labor that are huge contributors to instability in Mexico leading to more immigration.

The only candidate to give thoughtful well reasoned response was Mr. Fabio Marchi. Unfortunately I doubt that he will get elected in this climate of immigrant bashing and race baiting.

Americans need to start taking responsibility for their behaviour. Creating an atmosphere of intollerance that impacts American citizens of Latin descent is unwise and dangerous.

May 7, 2010 at 6:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Administering Medical Marijuana Laws in San Diego

Sadly this is an imflamatory issue which tends to fire emotions. The fact of the matter is that it is doubtful that anyone has a clear understanding how much abuse is occuring in the "medical" marijuana arena. Proponents parade cancer and AIDS victims as justification for the law without acknowledging the huge numbers of "recommendations" given by doctor's of questionable repute for afflictions like "anxiety", headaches, or general malaise. They also neglect to acknowledge the cost of marijuana abuse to society (loss of productivity, accidents), and the fact that prescriptions aren't given by doctors only recommendations.

The fact of the matter is that marijuana is illegal in every country on this planet -- the fact that use is tolerated does not mean that laws aren't in place to give authorities the tools they need to deal with problems.

And the fact of the matter is that everyone is talking about panaceas and silver bullets, when in fact this is a VERY complicated issue which requires a sober, reasonable discussion.

Points to consider in this discussion:
1. If marijuana is legal to use in one's home, what do you do when children live in the home? Second hand smoke would be an issue.
2. If someone is stopped for a moving violation and the officer smells marijuana, should the person be considered "under the influence"?
3. Can an employer terminate an employee who uses medical marijuana? What if the job involves heavy machinery or in the medical service field (i.e., your heart surgeon)?

There is a whole universe of issues to talk about -- let's just take a few things off the table. Does marijuana provide relief for some medical conditions -- yes. Is medical marijuana being abused in California -- yes. Is there room for discussion -- yes.

So a modest proposal:
1. Dispenseries must be non-profit
2. Doctor "recommendations" must be non-profit
3. Patients should have a history of other treatments being tried to gain relief before resorting to medical marijuana (exceptions might include documented ailments such as cancer treatment, AIDS, etc).
4. People with documented drug addiction histories are ineligble for medical marijuana
5. Children WILL not be excluded from evaluating medical marijuana used in a home.

Just suggestions.

June 12, 2009 at 1:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )