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Comments made by SDhiker

San Diego Mayor Starting Rehab; Accusers Count Now At 10

I have to admit that I wonder if, after #8, some people just want attention. Either way, it's not my place to judge anyone.

At the same time, we have a man who has twice said that he has not behaved properly, and it's my understanding that such conduct goes directly against what he is supposed to manifest as a public servant. Not wanting to step down and assuming that a couple of weeks' therapy will do the trick, he reminds me of my 9th grade students: "Awwww, come on. I said I did it and said I was sorry to the kid whose cell phone I stole. Isn't that enough punishment? Why do my parents have to be called, and why do I have to see the Vice Principal? Can't we just forget about this?"
Seriously. Grow up.

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Former San Diego COO: Mayor's Office Canceled Harassment Training

What I said is with the understanding of guilt.

Then I would really like to know iexactly what he was apologizing for the first time he said he was sorry. Then, when he said he needs two weeks' counseling for sexually inappropriate behaviors, how did that not count as his own admission of responsibility? If I have issues that mean I act as a predator, why should the city have to pay for my therapy?

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Former San Diego COO: Mayor's Office Canceled Harassment Training

Frustrated sigh...

This was the fastest and most over used joke at the gym today: "I didn't act like a decent human/adult/leader/etc....because I didn't have training." I refer to it as the (yes, I am using Seinfeld) George Costanza strategy. When confronted with video of his after hours activities with the cleaning woman on his desk, he says something to the effect of, "Oh... are you telling me that I am not supposed to do that?"

This is not a party issue. Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty. Somehow these community "leaders" feel entitled to get away with what the rest of us would never consider doing - let alone expect to actually keep our positions! Seriously. The average person earns a fraction of what these spoiled politicians take for granted, and we deserve people who represent us at least somewhat accurately. Of course not everyone agrees on specific controversial issues, but I thought it was just common sense to treat women and people in general with respect and dignity. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or "training") to realize that no one wants a tongue shoved down her/his throat. Perhaps Filner ought to spend some time with Castro as a cell mate?

San Diego has a long history of poor mayors. I am ashamed to admit I voted for this one. My apologies.

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