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Comments made by SDproud

Balboa Park Centennial Committee Members Apologize For Failure

Shame on all involved, especially the Clay's for bungling a huge opportunity to bring the community together for a positive and significant civic celebration that has nothing to do with the Chargers or Padres.

Several years and over $2.6 million squandered with virtually zero accountability. What business person could take such fees and produce absolutely nothing and not end up in court?

The City's entire population was about 30,000 residents when they lobbied for, planned, and built the original exposition which was executed in 2.5 years on time and on budget and drew approximately one million visitors over a two year span. That is vision! Our forefathers would be embarrassed by the inability of the nation's 8 or 9th largest city to plan a mere commemorative celebration, far less than what they dreamed of and built.

Perhaps this group of consultants isn't aware our civic slogan is "A City worthy of our affection", maybe they would have felt a higher sense of responsibility on this important task?

March 24, 2014 at 5:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )