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Comments made by SGTMAC

Food, Inc. and Under Our Skin

I am a former infantry marine, if youve ever seen the movie THE MARINE ( a B movie for sure) That is what I looked like, 225lbs, 5% body fat, former competetive swimmer and gymnast in high school. In the USMC I always had the highest physical fitness scores, and maxed virtualy every mental test they threw at me, graduated #1 in all but 1 school where I was beat by 1/4 point. I was strong, agile and confident. I was in a head on collision with a 1968 Cadillac at freeway speed while on a motercycle, That collision ended my career as a Marine but it has nothing on Lyme disease. I have been reduced to a scared, cofused angry as hell, worthless pile of $#!^. I wake up paranoid with a headache that feels like someone drilled a hole in my head without anesthesia poured a mixture of gasoline and acid in my brain, lit it on fire and they have been trying to put it out with a baseball bat for the last 18 months.
This movie made me feel better only because I realized I was not alone. Let me alone with these pompous so called medical elite, I bet I could change their mind. If they are so sure of themselves why dont they infect them selves with Lyme and all its coinfections and wait a year before they treat themselves only after they have been ridiculed to a point where they are trembling with fear, then let them take some Doxy for a month as per their protocal. If theyre so sure, it should be a sinch, c'mon you cowards lets see youre talk become action. TICK TOC TICK TALK

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