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Comments made by Samadhi

Encinitas Schools To Expand Controversial Yoga Program

I'm disturbed by KPBS's use of the word "controversial" here. Just because there was a lawsuit brought by TWO parents out of thousands of parents does not make something "controversial." Once again, the radical religious right-wing of this country gets undue attention and influence disproportionate to their numbers.

The vast majority of Encinitas parents and the vast majority of normal-thinking Americans have no "controversy" over yoga. Millions of Americans take yoga class every single week and practice it every single day.

We live in a country that was founded primarily by Western Europeans, and thus have a large number of culturally significant symbols and holidays that reflect that heritage. But we also live in a country that has, as its primary Constitutional directive, the FREEDOM OF RELIGION and the welcoming of immigrants. What that means, unfortunately for religious bigots of the Christian evangelical persuasion, is that America can and must embrace the positive contributions from other cultures and religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and other eastern philosophies. To attempt to suppress these, while simultaneously attempting to push fundamentalist Christianity into public schools and public policy, is nothing more than religious discrimination and bigotry, and it's a shame that this lawsuit was not thrown out in the first place on that basis.

August 21, 2013 at 12:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )