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Comments made by SanDiego1950

Radio Play: 'Christmas, Inc.'

Just my opinion review of the play.

I was driving home and turned on KPBS, as I usually do, and heard much of the middle of the play. I missed the very beginning, and I arrived home before the end. I did NOT have a driveway moment. In fact, I turned off the radio two blocks from home.

The play was tedious and simplistic. The powers ascribed to the corporation were clearly powers of the state--the power to issue and require permits, the power to check permits, the power to seize property.

So what was I to make of this play? While there were a few anomalies--mentions of the corporation, citations of copyrights, etc.--I was convinced that this was a play about government over-reach.

How did I punch a button on my radio and find that I was listening to Fox News? How was this play, obviously about government abuse and the "War on Christmas", going to get connected to some action of the Obama administration? What had I missed? Was there a new court decision closing creches in court houses, or something?

I glanced at the radio (I was on the freeway), the indicator said that I was listening to the first of my selected radio stations. KPBS? I punched the first button, expecting to hear something else. The play just bored onward. KPBS?? I punched the button for KPRI. Christmas music. Dang.

Wait a minute. That WAS KPBS. I punched button 1 again. "You DO have a permit for those lights, don't you??" Crumb. It was KPBS.

I listened,hoping to find something redeeming about the play. I listened to it another five minutes, hoping.

Then I turned it off.

Please don't hire that playwright again.

December 25, 2012 at 2:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )