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Comments made by SanDiego2015

Plans Announced For 2015 Balboa Park Centennial

San Diego 2015: Celebrating a Century of Creativity, Building Toward a Millennium of Sustainability - advanced over 2 years ago as a framework for the Region and Balboa Park. The inaction of the "Committee" aka Balboa Park Celebration, Inc. and their refusal to collaborate creates bad results.
Water extravangaza on the Bay? Will not happen, as too many environmental agencies have already said no.
"The Roar" will take place Oct. 12th 2013 when The Horseless Carriage Club will fire up their Pre-1916 vehicles and drive the Historic 1915 Point Loma Race Course to Cabrillo National Monument's 100th Birthday Party. FREE to watch and participate!
Will someone hear "The Roar," as Dr. Wegeforth heard a lion roar in 1916 to start the Zoological Society of San Diego?
No need to go to LA - we have International Award Winning Firms based in San Diego.
I will be there October 12 to Start the Race to 2015 - will you?

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TMD Director: San Diego Hotels Slow To Issue Legal Waivers

1) "They'll just come in when they come in!" is what is to be expected from Todd Gloria and reflects why the City continues to have fiscal issues. Don't they have any deadlines?
2) Balboa Park's Centennial continues to be a false celebration, as 2015 is the 1915 Panama-California Exposition Centennial, the Centennial of the Historic 1915 Point Loma Race (where for one week the world's fastest cars came to race on a dirt track at the unbelievable top speed of 65 mph), and the Centennial of the very few structures remaining in Balboa Park from the 1915 Expo.
You want visitors to San Diego? It will take a united effort to give people a reason to visit or live in the San Diego Region more than just a nice place to visit. I'm in the United Arab Emirates, where they are trying to get EXPO 2020 to be in Dubai. Unlike San Diego, the climate is not the best, which means that they have to work extra hard - and have a high chance of succeeding.
We could do it, if people were to support a Vision that coordinates the Region.

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Filner Releases $6M To Tourism Agency After Balboa Park Celebration Compromise

1) This is supposed to be a mandatory assessment by the City on behalf of the TMD (not tax on tourists - which Prop 26 states taxes should benefit the payers) on lodging owners based upon their occupancy and rates. That is the work-around of the TMD, still to be determined as valid by the courts.
2) Balboa Park Celebration, Inc. is spending the money on "A Celebration of Balboa Park" with a focus on Balboa Park - not on a Celebration of the 1915 Exposition in San Diego - which had its focus on bringing business and people to the Region.
3) The organization is still calling itself a Committee - because it doesn't really have much in the way of organization?
4) The Committee has a mandate under its contract to do only things of a temporary nature for Balboa Park, which creates the question of what is the Return on Investment for the TMD, the Public, and contributors?

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What Is Plan B For Redevelopment Of Balboa Park?

While Dr. Jacobs funded it, the "Plan" was developed by Jerry Sanders and the Design Team - not Dr. Jacobs. I submitted a way to remove cars from the Park as an alternative by 2015 to the City Council, Mayor Sanders, and Dr. Jacobs for the Rules Committee Public Comment. You can find it at SanDiego2015 .com and voice your opinion to The City Council and others. We, as a society, need to find alternatives to using individual cars to go everywhere. There are better uses for our resources.
The plan I've proposed could be a demonstration project for expanding technology use throughout San Diego.

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