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Comments made by SanDiegoAgent

Calif. Homeowners Bill Of Rights Aimed At Easing Foreclosures

A few years ago it was about 18 months a California homeowner could stay in their home payment free (mortgage, HOA dues & property tax) prior to being forced to move by foreclosure action.

Now, that time frame is two years+. All these new rules and 'rights' are really costing taxpayers big bucks!

Not only do these homeowners save appx. $30,000 in payment over the two years, but, in many cases now also receive a large payment to help them move!

Here is a link to an article on why to make your mortgage payment when you can live payment free:

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San Diego Home Sales Increased 4.9 Percent In January Over Last Year

Well, it would seem no immediate turnaround is in the cards for San Diego real estate.

For a realistic outlook for San Diego home prices in 2012, I would recommend one review the following blog post:

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Before The Housing Market Went To Hell

Tom, what do you really expect a real estate industry person to say? After all, real estate is a sales industry and so the insiders are constantly optimistic and pretty much always say an upward trend in housing prices will never end.

The real estate truth is out there and has been out there, you just have to know where to look for it. Yet, the local and even major news outlets are constantly interviewing real estate 'insiders' about their opinion and forecast for the market.

Below is a link to a good article about the real estate market bust written in late 2005;

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Pent-up Housing Demand Will Soon Rip Loose

For the San Diego real estate market let's all hope that Karevoll is correct in his prediction.

But, there is a distinct possibility that Karevoll is 180° off base!

For a good article (San Diego Real Estate Pent-Up Demand .. It’s Real & About To Kick-In) detailing another hypothesis, though written in 2008, I believe still relevant today, can be found with a search for July 14, 2008 at:

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Pent Up Demand and Penned In Families

The San Diego real estate market for most areas topped out in the summer of 05. Since then, almost every year I read a number of articles about the pent-up real estate demand.

Being in the front-line trenches of the real estate market, I can tell you this time it's different. Yes, this pent-up demand in the real estate market, but this is not the man to buy its demand to SELL.

For good in-depth article on the situation I would suggest one look at the Post noted below:

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Southern California Home Sales Slip In July

What's being overlooked here, is the fact that this drop in both sales and home prices is occurring during this seasonally strongest time for real estate sales!

People have to understand that it's not going to be the real estate market that recovers and pulls the rest of the the economy up. Actually, it's going to be the reverse the economy must improve first before the real estate market can put in a true bottom.

I've been calling for a double dip in the real estate market since mid-2010. A review of the most recent Case Shiller data, as well as this current Dataquick report confirm that the San Diego real estate market has double dip and because of the timing of this double dip, it seems certain that housing prices will drift lower at least through the end of the year.

For those who would like a realistic opinion of where the San Diego housing market is going, I would suggest a free subscription to San Diego's most popular no holds barred, real estate blog at:

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San Diego Real Estate Forecast For 2011

For another point of view, by a local Realtor who called this housing bust in a published article in 2005, I would suggest one view: San Diego Real Estate Market 2011 Outlook, published on 12-25-10 at:

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San Diego Real Estate Market On The Rebound?

Very good pod-cast.
For a great post on the 1st. Quarter results for San Diego real estate, you should read: "San Diego County Residential Real Estate Market Analysis: 1st Quarter 2010" at:

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Housing Market On Its Way Up

For another take on the 2010 San Diego real estate outlook, you may wish to read my 12-17-09 blog post titled: "San Diego Real Estate 2010 Forecast
The year of the strategic mortgage default" it can be viewed at:

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