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Comments made by SanDiegoCountyCitizen

Election: San Diego County Sheriff's Race

No mention of Bruce Ruff. Hmm... I haven't seen anything to indicate that he has pulled out of the race. Quite an omission.

And it is not a East County gun shop that is against Bill Gore for fear of losing CCW permits. There are effectively are no CCW permits to be had... that's the issue! It is the law abiding citizens who who's demands for the issuance of CCW permits for self protection has fallen of deaf and dumb ears of Bill Gore, who maintains his left wing/statist viewpoint that only the government should have guns, no matter what the US Constitution and Supreme Court say on the matter.

And wow, no mention of the controversies surrounding Bill Gore: The Ruby Ridge "Homicides" ( I call them "murders", but since he has never been charged with a crime, I'm intellectually honest enough to refer to them as "homicides"), His refusal to testify in front of the US Senate on his role in Ruby Ridge, Gore's 9/11 Terrorist investigation when he was in charge of the San Diego FBI office and failure to stop the two 9/11 terrorists in Lemon Grove, The controversy surrounding his appointment as Interim Sheriff, His deployment of Sonic Weapons to political meetings, to be used as weapons by his own statements in an interview with East County Magazine, his conspiracy to lie about that intended use of those Sonic Weapon two weeks later, and his use of the County lawyers to go after his opponents supporters. I guess we can count KPBS editors and producers in the category of the "Establishment" supporting Bill Gore.

Regardless of arguments regarding which of the two (three) challenger candidates for Sheriff (Duffy, LaSuer, Ruff) would make a better Sheriff, it is very obvious that Gore is NOT MORALLY QUALIFIED to be Sheriff, no less appointed in any sworn law enforcement capacity.

April 22, 2010 at 11:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )