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Comments made by SanDiegoSolarCoalition

Sanders' Practical Approach To San Diego's Environment

Mayor Sanders has been an excellent Mayor for the development of the solar industry. Under his leadership the industry in San Diego has grown substantially thereby providing thousands of high paying local jobs in management, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. As a result, San Diego has more solar power systems than any other City in the United States (not just California). His commitment to the smart grid, solar and electric vehicles has resulted in San Diego being a leader in CleanTech. It is laughable that anyone would question his legacy to date. His next test is whether or not he is going to sit back as SDG&E tries to destroy all the work he has done with solar. SDG&E is now trying to destroy the solar industry by charging solar producers for providing power to the grid. To date, Sanders has not come out on this issue. If he wants to protect his legacy, he will have to shut down SDG&E's attempt to kill it. Otherwise, all his hard work will be for nothing.

October 27, 2011 at 8:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )