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Comments made by SanSargasso

Groups Works to Protect Kids from Internet Crime

I have never looked at child porn and I have no interest in doing so. I believe that people who sexually abuse children should receive treatment and, if necessary, incarceration.

However, I feel vehemently that looking at or possessing an image - of ANY nature - on the internet or elsewhere, should NEVER be a crime. This is based on my understanding of legal rights of privacy and free exchange of ideas. And it is simply common sense to me that people should be free to view and think whatever they wish without fear of being spied on or arrested.

I noticed the guests on this show continually failed to make the distinction between people who actually physically harm children and those who merely look at sexually explicit images of children. Ms. Steele cited "studies" that showed a one-to-one correspondence between people who view child porn and those who commit crimes. This is nonsense. In fact, doing a quick google search, I find a recent scientific study that shows just the opposite:

In addition, Ms. Steele's stating that every child is in danger of being the subject of child porn strikes me as fear-mongering of the worst kind. Do I need to remind people of the horrible injustice that was done to Dale Akiki here in San Diego as a result of the flames of hysteria? Stoking this kind of hysteria does more harm than good, because it creates an atmosphere of fear and mistrust in our communities.

People should not be punished for what they think, but for what they do. Mounting campaigns to punish people for what's in their minds is Big Brotherism gone mad. Let's focus on education and preventing children from actual harm.

July 16, 2009 at 10:50 a.m. ( | suggest removal )