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Comments made by Sandieganforever

Putting ‘Canvass’ Claims To The Test

I stumbled across this article after researching Canvass for a Cause, and have to say that my experience couldent have been more different. I am a christian mother of 3 in Poway, and after reading the Union Tribune article this morning figured i'd go and see if they were in front of our Target today and they were.
I was pretty prepared to battle them, because I read how aggressive they are.
I exited the store with my cart full of godies, and the man asked me if I supported gay marriage, and I told him no I am a christian. He asked, got a second to talk about it, and I said sure. We spoke for about 5 min, and I told him about my religious background and my children, and he was polite, smiled, and tried to explain that they want the civil contract not the church version.
After 3 min of chatting with the guy, I didnt end up changing my opinion but I did get alot of information about what sort of stuff you are entitled to with a marriage contract. I really had no idea that you couldn't visit your spouse in the hospital, so I told him I was going to go home and do some research on it.
I read this article by a gay newspaper in San Diego, and I think its pretty spot on with my experiences( . The man was polite, disagreed with me but never got angry or aggressive, and was passionate advocate for his cause.
I'm sure some people probably don't like passionate conversation, but I love talking with people about why they feel one way or another. I'm still not sure I support gay marraige, but I empathize with them and will have to think it over more now.

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