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Comments made by Sarah

Obama Takes The Capitol Stage On Surer Footing

Barack Obama is my Mr. President. I campaigned for him in Virginia. I loved his speech tonight. Now I have a suggestion for him, the GOP and my Democrats who just can't put it together. We cannot retrieve the trillions of dollars we blew on the Vietnam war. Those are the dollars that began the rape of the social security trust fund that baby boomers like me
are being cheated out of now. Since then, private and public pension funds have been have been defrauded by Republican administrations, Reagan, Bush and Baby Bush. That is treasure well stolen. Why did any honest person in the finance industry (and they are there) think that deregulation would have other than the consequences it has? There is a way to stop
the theft and the leakage of blood and treasure; there really is. Take the troops out of the middle east now. Let them kill each other over there. They do need us to help them accomplish it on such a grand scale. But we can't afford it.
Stop pretending that these wars "protect" us in any way. Stop pretending that there is any purpose to these wars, but to line the pockets of war and blood contractors on all sides. We can find that 20%. Mr. Obama, please. Sarah

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State Lawmakers Give Pay Raises Amidst Budget Deficit

Here's an idea. How about Attorney General Brown looks into possible
corruption surrounding the outrageous raises being given by "lawmakers" to
their political appointee staff members - and just drops all the posturing
and posing re: the infringement of the federal government on states rights/health care and the social injustice that this state has perpetuated
for generations. Sarah

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Pressure Rises For More U.S. Aid In Mexico's Drug War

A Modest Proposal - US spends the money necessary to build an enormous fleet of buses - providing jobs for tens of thousands of American workers. US government rounds up hundreds of thousands of illegals of all stripes and buses them to Mexico. The Mexican government gives jobs to those US illegals who can be proven to be of Mexican citizenship, and jails the rest - at Mexican expense. The jobs that the Mexican government provides will be as agents, both male and female to fight in the special army that is needed to rout the drug terrorists from their own country. I pray that the Mexican government is forced by their long suffering populace to provide these patriots with suitable equipment and personal protection garb - and that the American government takes a page from their book in future endless wars. Sarah
P.S. Let's use the leftover buses for affordable transportation in the wastelands of rural Tennessee.

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Registered Sex Offender Held In Case Of Missing Poway Teen

This is surely one of the most horrifying tales of this type in sometime. All of our hearts go out to this young woman and her family and worried friends. Just a chime in with ontfrankie, and a suggestion. As we have weeded out some of the wheat from the chaff at Gitmo - we need to take those men
who pose no danger to women and children off of the Megan list. For the sake of timely law enforcement, we need to purge the 16 year old in some state(s) who had sex with the 15 year old. Not that what the boy did was not wrong, and not that whatever punishment the state metes out is unexpected or unjustified. But let's put the John Albert Gardner(s) of this world in that special place we reserve for mad dogs that have bitten once. It stretches credulity that a reason could exist to release this man on an unsuspecting world. When we are releasing perpetrators of non-violent crimes from jails to make comfy room for others of our fellow citizens; let's burden the parole officers and save a special spot for this guy and his ilk. ontfrankie, my son is
is in his early twenties, and it scares parents of children of any age or either sex to know there are people like this in their world.
to know there are people like thi

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UCSD Students Blast Chancellor Over Racially Charged Incidents

I cannot understand for the life of me why - given two particularly ugly STUDENT led racial incidents, students both black and white are blaming
" Chancellor Mary Anne Fox and other college administrators." Wake up. The enemy is your own generation. I was a 60's style socialist. Even we were not this dumb.

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