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Comments made by ScamDiego

Imperial Valley Tribes Oppose Sunrise Powerlink

I will echo the comment above. The only thing green about the Sunrise Powerlink is the money SDG&E/Sempra will be making by sending energy produced by fossil fuel over the line.

SDG&E had the chance to back up its claims that green energy would travel on the line when the CPUC Commissioner assigned to the Sunrise proceeding made that a condition of the line's approval. Rather than backup its green energy claims, SDG&E settled things the Big Oil way. Sempra called in a chit with the same governor whose ballot initiatives Sempra had previously bankrolled. Lo and behold, the Gov directed his appointees to the CPUC to overrule the assigned commissioner, two administrative law judges and the project's environmental document. Shameful.

Sunrise was BOUGHT, not approved. Anyone who takes the time to read the "Fire and Fuels Reduction" section of the project's environmental report would never, ever ethically or morally approve this line. It's a firestorm waiting to happen. Do not post here until you read this document:

January 5, 2011 at 10:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Battle Over Sunrise Powerlink Continues

Chuck Flacks is not the author of his comments. His post was drafted by Sempra Energy public affairs staff at the request of Molly Cartmill. Ms. Cartmill is a board member of the Workforce Partnership and the Director of "Corporate Responsibility" at Sempra Energy.

Please know that any organization speaking favorably of the Sunrise Powerlink, including the Workforce Partnership, takes corporate contributions from money from Sempra Energy. There is no exception to this statement.

Chuck Flacks should be ashamed of himself. He is allowing himself and his organization to be used as a shill for an energy company with all the ethics of Enron.

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