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Comments made by SeeTheWorld

Roundtable: Gay Rights Victory, San Diego Hospice Bankruptcy, Climate Change Challenge

People like to say the same-sex marriage issue is a matter of opinion on which both sides are equally valid. I disagree with that opinion. It is a matter of discrimination and fairness, and in such matters the opinion that one group should be discriminated against is not a valid opinion. Substitute any other group of people in place of gays and lesbians and see if you still think it's ok to deny them the same rights that everyone else has. For instance, did you know that until DOMA was overturned, if employees added their same-sex spouses to their health insurance at work they had to pay a federal tax on the value of that benefit, whereas employees with opposite-sex spouses on the same plan got that benefit tax free? This is the point that was being made -- that it's not ok to single out one group of people for adverse treatment like that, yet there were 1100+ federal benefits that same-sex married couples were barred from getting that opposite-sex married couples have always gotten. Personal feelings and religious beliefs do not make that discrimination ok, and it is not a matter of "balance" to present the belief that unequal treatment under the law is acceptable.

July 3, 2013 at 12:03 a.m. ( | suggest removal )